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Motorola GP340 ATEX

Intrinsically safe two-way radios (for use in potentially explosive environments) – the Motorola GP340 ATEX

15,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

Motorola ATEX two-way radios, including the Motorola GP340 ATEX, are the go-to devices for professional radio communication in potentially explosive environments like chemical parks, refineries and oil rigs.

In addition to its "Ex"-protection, the Motorola GP340 ATEX two-way radio boasts all the features of its non-ATEX-certified sister, the super-popular Motorola GP340.

Features of the Motorola GP340 ATEX:

  • ATEX certification, as per European ATEX guidelines
  • Intrinsically safe two-way radio (for use in potentially explosive environments)
  • 16 channels
  • Outstanding speech intelligibility, thanks to Motorola's XPAND technology
  • Man-down function for more safety in hazardous workplaces
    (please request optional programming when ordering)

The following are included in Radio-Rental.com's Motorola GP340 ATEX package:

  • Motorola GP340 ATEX antenna
  • Motorola GP340 ATEX battery
  • Optional: Motorola GP340 ATEX detachable remote (- >speaker/microphone)
  • Motorola GP340 charging station – not ATEX certified; must be placed outside the danger zone
  • Optional, upon special request: Motorola GP340 ATEX charging stations

Before ordering, please check to make sure that the Motorola GP340 ATEX's safety classification meets the requirements of your work environment. Radio-Rental.com carries ATEX radios with various explosion-protection certifications. In addition to the GP340 ATEX, our rental range features the following ATEX two-way radios, in each of the different protection classes:

It goes without saying that our Radio-Rental.com team will be glad to consult with you about ATEX two-way radios and the Motorola GP340 ATEX by e-mail mail@Radio-Rental.com or telephone +493029381970, too.

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