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Motorola MTS1 TETRA

The Motorola MTS1 TETRA base station

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An advantage of the TETRA radio system is that it allows additional radio cells to be installed for specific, temporary applications. The Motorola MTS1 TETRA cell can be mounted quickly on a wall or tower, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. This high-performance radio cell supports the complete functionality of a TETRA base station; it's also more than dependable, continuing to work in local trunked-radio mode, even if the site-link fails.

Complete TETRA cell security

MTS1's weatherproof housing meets IP66 protection standards. The cell supports static and dynamic air interface encryption as well as group-based authentication. In the event of link failures, data traffic is rerouted so that it can be transmitted safely in regular trunked-radio mode. Another advantage of this high-performance TETRA cell: Alarm- and network-management, designed for reliability.

Minimal energy costs and maintenance

The built-in battery with charger minimises power costs, and additional savings are possible when the cell is mounted on top of a tower. Operating costs can also be reduced by using an existing IP Backbone. As a rule, rectifiers are not required, thanks to the direct AC input; this also makes it easier to install the device and to get it up and running.

Economic and efficient use of frequencies and technology

The high-performance Motorola MTS1 TETRA cell is ideal for temporary use, but not only because it can harness the TETRA radio system's full potential. Using time slot technology, one frequency can carry up to four conversations at a time, which is very economical. Linking two MTS1 base stations together creates individual solutions that lead to greatly increased, cost-efficient uptime.

Features of the MTS1:

  • Comprehensive security
  • Quick and flexible mounting
  • Rugged, weatherproof housing
  • Greater durability
  • Automatic malfunction detection and correction
  • Low maintenance requirements and minimal operating costs
  • Telephony, SDS, and individual voice- and data-packets
  • Controlled mobility

Would you like to rent the Motorola MTS1 TETRA cell as a stand-alone unit?

Our values are unbeatable, and our team will be happy to put together a quote just for you, quickly and without obligation. You can request a quote by phone +493029381970 or by e-mail (mail@Radio-Rental.com).

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