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Motorola DP4801 ATEX

Motorola's high-end, explosion-safe digital radio: The Mototrbo DP4801 ATEX

22,00 €
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The Motorola Mototrbo DP4801 ATEX is Motorola’s explosion-safe flagship, and indeed sets the standard in the field of digital explosion-safe radios. The large, easy-to-read display and accessible keypad simplifies operations even in large radio cells with many subscribers.

But where the Motorola DP4801 ATEX really shines is when combined with one of our Mototrbo DR3000 radio cells.

Motorola DP4801 - the features:

  • Maximized safety (explosion-safe)
    The DP4801 ATEX adheres to the following standards:
    Gas Label: Class II 2G Ex ibIIC T4 GbIECEx: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
    Dust Label: Class II 2D Ex ib IIICT130 °C DbIECEx: Ex ib IIIC T130°C Db
    Mining Label: Class I M2 Ex ib I MbIECEx: Ex ib I Mb

  • Robust engineering
    The DP4801 is an extremely durable radio and is protected against water at protection level IEC-60529 IP67 and against wind and dust. In addition, it also adheres to the Military Standards 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G

  • Excellent Voice Quality
    Motorola advertises the DP4801 ATEX as having the “Best in Class Audio” - same goes for the Motorola DP4800.
    And we can only confirm: among the radios we rent out, the DP series and specifically the DP4801 ATEX has the best speech intelligibility. An innovative algorithm for speech recognition and highly effective noise reduction make it possible.
  • Data Transmission
    Send your data! Anything from text messages to emails and job tickets or error reports from machine control software, and much more. When used in conjunction with a DR3000, the DP4801 ATEX can even receive fax information via Over The Air technology.

  • Direct contact selection
    The DP4801 ATEX has a full keyboard, so you can directly select your contacts and contact them via voice or text message. Optionally, with the DR3000, you can integrate telephone features as well.
  • Comfortable and easy
    The Motorola DP4801 ATEX weighs 482.5g including the ATEX battery, only 30g heavier than its little brother the DP4401 ATEX. Despite this it can be worn quite comfortably on a belt holster. Optionally, we offer the holster in suede for a fashionable and comfortable fit.

  • Long Range
    Like all ATEX radios, the Motorola DP4801 ATEX transmits with a maximum of 1 Watt power output. The lower transmission power (when compared to non-explosion-safe radios) is compensated by the DP4801 ATEX’s exceptional reception sensitivity – in our range tests, the DP4801 ATEX scored very highly.

  • Extended Battery Life
  • Depending on the amount of radio traffic, the DP4801 ATEX’s Motorola Impress Technology and intelligent battery management can achieve an impressive 17 hours of battery life – previously unheard of in the ATEX line. Nevertheless, for system-critical communication, it is advisable to always carry a backup battery (which can be inexpensively rented from us).

  • Integrated GPS
    The integrated GPS enables countless other applications – like, for example, the integration of a intelligent personelle deployment system, where employees in the immediate area of an issue can be automatically contacted and informed. For this purpose, additional hardware (DR3000) and a corresponding app for the DP4801 ATEX are necessary. As certified Motorola App Developers, we at Radio-Rental.com can assist you with advice and development competently and reliably.

  • Large Color Display
    A large color display with day/night functions enables easy and comfortable use of the Motorola DP4801 ATEX.

Motorola DP4801 ATEX - Usage Examples
Our customers usually rent the Motorola DP4801 ATEX for the following uses:

  • Auto-Manufacturing: Painting
    We often rent the Motorola DP4801 ATEX to clients in the automotive industry for use during the painting process. The explosion-safe design and the silicone-free design make this radio especially recommendable for these applications.
  • Refineries and Chemical plants
    The Motorola DP4801 ATEX radio is also quite popular with chemical plants and refineries. Our partners in this field appreciate its durable, water- and dust-proof design, which is great for outdoor applications, as well as its safety for explosion-hazard environments. 

  • Oil Platforms and Production
    The DP4801 ATEX works well even in the toughest conditions. It’s operable between -20C and +55C. It’s resistent to moisture, wind, and dust, and is often used in oil production and, in particular, on oil platforms.

The Motorola DP4801 complements our ASTEX radios – including the hybrid ATEX radio Motorola DP4401 ATEX and the proven Motorola GP340 ATEX analog radio. What you get is a high-tech radio; absolutely top of its class. Of course, we deliver it exclusively with only Motorola accessories. This includes the Motorola DP4801 ATEX battery with integrated Impress technology, as well as numerous compatible headsets and speaker microphones which significantly simplify the usage of the DP4801 ATEX.

We’re happy to advise you on the ATEX topic, explosion-safe radios, free and without obligation.

Rent the DP4801 ATEX
You want to rent the Motorola DP4801 ATEX? We’re looking forward to your request. Our ATEX team is reachable by phone at +4930/2398197-0 or by email at mail@radio-rental.com

Buy the DP4801 ATEX
The Motorola DP4801 ATEX radio require a high degree of technical expertise and are therefore only recommended for organizations with dedicated personell for maintenance, programming, and management of radio cells in large numbers. Of course, you can buy the Motorola DP4801 ATEX with us as a standalone product or hire our ATEX technicians.

Motorola DP4801 ATEX Download as PDF