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Two-Way Radios for Events and Meetings

Renting Motorola two-way radios for events and meetings has been one of our company's main focuses since our founding in 1999.

We've garnered extensive experience over the years, working on all types of events (from outdoor rock festivals to chic evening events to board meetings), and we use this experience to provide customised solutions for each individual event.

Some case studies:

Radios for business events

Sophisticated business events like evening functions, press conferences or presentations call for quality, discreet communication among team members. In addition, radios should be as small and light as possible, so that they can be carried in the inside pocket of a jacket, for example, or in trouser pockets.

At rock 'n' roll and auto-racing events, a radio's loudness may be its most important feature. However, at business gatherings, high-quality, clear transmission of speech is the preferred function; it allows team members to understand one another quickly and unambiguously, keeping radio communication to a minimum.

For this reason, we recommend the following two-way radios for use at business events:

  • The Motorola CP040
    The CP040 is an absolute all-rounder. It's smaller than the DP3400 or the GP340, and provides very high-quality spoken audio. As it's larger than the SL4000 or the GP344, though, it is used more often on road shows or in the trade-fair sector than at evening events and meetings.
    The Motorola CP040 also has 4 watts of transmitting power, so it can easily cover most exhibition halls or other medium-sized areas. The CP040 is a digital two-way radio with 4 channels. If more channels are needed, the radio's big sister, the CP140, is a good alternative.
  • Like the CP040, the Motorola GP344 is an analogue two-way radio. But, in contrast to the CP040, it really scores in the weight and dimensions categories. In other words, it's smaller and lighter, so it's often rented for use at evening events and for board meetings. Organisers of press conferences, too, request the GP344 time and again. The Motorola GP344 has 16 channels, 4 watts of transmitting power and Motorola's trademark, voice-enhancing X-Pand technology. Users can even send an emergency signal via illuminated LED or use the radio's private-line function, another Motorola exclusive. We can program both functions upon request; just let us know when you order.
  • The Motorola SL4000
    A high-end digital two-way radio. The Motorola SL4000 offers over 1,000 channels (8 channels programmed by default; additional channels available free of charge; please inquire before ordering). The radio also has 2 watts of transmission power and crystal-clear audio quality. That quality comes as a result of digital (i.e. lossless) signal transmission. What's more, the Motorola SL4000 is the smallest and lightest two-way radio we stock. In fact, the SL4000 looks so much like a smartphone that it is the preferred radio for all types of sophisticated evening events and – especially – for (board) meetings.

Radio equipment for rock 'n' roll concerts and festival events (outdoors)

Many producers of festivals and concerts number among our main radio-rental clientele during the summer months, and we're pleased to have furnished equipment for some of Europe's most prominent electronic music festivals since 2003. The radio-equipment requirements for such events differ fundamentally from those for evening events and conferences.

These are the two-way radios we rent most often for rock festival events:

  • Motorola CP040
    The Motorola CP040 is a welcome partner at festivals and in the stage pit. It's not only a favourite of security services but also quite popular with technical crews. While the radio scores point at evening functions for its reduced physical profile, its long battery life is the main reason for its standard-setting performance in the festival sector. Upon request, we'll deliver the Motorola CP040 with a 2,300 mAh battery, powerful enough to survive even longer shifts with ease. We regularly check all our batteries (including the CP040 battery) for functionality and charging performance using our Cadex battery-testing system. That's how we make sure that our batteries will provide you with reliable power.
  • Motorola DP3400
  • Motorola GP300
  • Motorola GP340

Want to rent two-way radios?

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