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Motorola DM4400

The Motorola DM4400: 99 channels!

18,00 €
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The Motorola DM4400, an in-vehicle two-way radio from the mobile MOTOTRBO series, is a first-class option for businesses that require excellent voice and data communication. This IP54-rated two-way radio's dual scanner makes switching from analogue to digital channels a straightforward affair, and its data applications are sure to produce an impressive increase in productivity.

User-Friendly Operation

The Motorola DM4400, an in-dashboard Motorola two-way radio with a numerical display, supports operations in both analogue and digital modes. Voice announcements are individually customizable. The device has four programmable buttons for frequently used functions; one of those buttons is intended for emergency calls. The large volume-control knob is easy to operate. Even sending text messages is a piece of cake for this convenient in-vehicle radio.

Intelligent Audio Function

The DM4400 two-way radio automatically adjusts its volume to the ambient noise level. It's got a powerful, forward-facing speaker, and the microphone is compact and ergonomically designed. Since it also commands an enhanced range, this in-vehicle two-way radio delivers superb speech-intelligibility.

Work More Productively

The DM4400 also supports customer-specific requirements. Some of the device's practical features: The useful "man down function" for lone workers, adjustable voice announcements, SMS and, of course, transmit interrupt, i.e. interrupting other radio conversations so that critical messages can be transmitted without delay. Use of pre-programmed applications can increase your productivity even more.

Ideal Applications

The DM4400 in-vehicle two-way radio is the ideal device for keeping mobile employees in touch continuously and, above all, reliably. This model is perfect for companies in the transportation and logistics sectors, for waste management, courier services and catering. But these Motorola two-way radios are also deployed successfully in public transportation, security services and healthcare. In commerce, MOTOTRBO two-way radios optimize workflows by enhancing data- and voice communication.

Features of the DM4400:

  • Intelligent Audio
  • Integrated Voice- and Data-Communication
  • Emergency Call Signal
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Selective Radio Inhibit
  • Talkaround
  • Memory Channel
  • Programmable Enhanced Privacy
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • SMS

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