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Motorola DM4600

The Motorola DM4600 - a high-end radio (table station)

24,00 €
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The Motorola DM4600 is the latest enterprise model from Motorola's Mototrbo line. We rent it mainly as a base station for dispatchers in industrial enterprises, as well as (in its car-mounted version) for motor rallies and courier services. Along with its large display and excellent speech intelligibility ("Best-in-Class Audio!") the Motorola DM4600 especially shines in its industrial use, because it works so well with Motorola apps – which we gladly offer as an option.

Please be sure to let us know which version of the Motorola DM4600 you would like to rent: base station (desktop unit) or car version. That's the only way we can ensure that the version you want is delivered to you.

An overview of the Motorola DM4600's features:

  • DMR technology - Mototrbo means the finest in digital two-way radios (they're from Motorola, after all); the DM4600 receives and sends digitally with consistent, unbeatable quality.
  • Strong transmission power of up to 25 watts (our Motorola handheld radios, by comparison, have a sending power of 1 - 4 watts); it’s the DM4600's external antenna that makes this performance possible.
  • Intelligent audio functions - the Motorola DM4600 boosts speech frequencies and filters annoying ambient noise out of the signal, justifiably earning it the title of "Best-in-Class Audio".
  • 1,000 channels - with so many channels, the Motorola DM4600 is the clear choice for the largest productions and for use in industrial settings.
  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth capability makes the exchange of data and/or connectivity with Motorola Bluetooth accessories not only possible but simple, too.
  • Security in radio communication is a top priority for the Motorola DM4600. That's why it has outstanding, built-in encryption which can operate in "basic" mode or – even more securely – in an "enhanced" version. The latter is available as an option, on request.
  • SMS functionality, a large 4-colour display and a high-quality speaker-microphone with a big PTT button round out the list of the DM4600's key features.

The standard Funkgeräte-Vermietung.de DM4600 package includes:

  • High-performance Procom magnet-mount antenna (Procom, in our opinion, is THE top maker in the antenna technology field)
  • Motorola speaker-microphone
  • 220V power-pack or 12V connection cable

You can also rent the following optional DM4600 accessories from us:

  • Uninterruptible power supply - a high-performance battery that provides the Motorola DM4600 with up to 8 hours of continuous power. Ideal for use at festivals, in open territory (e.g. military applications) or when uninterrupted radio communication is critical to production.
  • Individual Dispatcher Software - allows you to send job tickets easily, call co-workers directly (e.g. by location - you'll need the DM4600's "big sister", the Motorola DM4601, for this function), send short messages via your computer and much more. We're also Motorola Application Developers, so feel free to ask us to develop expertly designed custom solutions for you.
  • Bluetooth Headset - super-comfortable to wear, maximum freedom of movement: that's the Motorola Bluetooth Headset.

Radio-Rental.com - we're your partner for professional business radios and superior enterprise services, and we really appreciate your interest. Have questions about the Motorola DM4600 or any of our other Motorola two-way radios? You can reach us around the clock at +4930/2938197-0 or by e-mail at mail@radio-rental.com.

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