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1. obtain a quote

2. confirm the quote

3. two-way radios will be delivered one day before use

4. two-way radios will be collected one day after use – we protect the environment. uses green electricity from Greenpeace Energy, delivery by bicycle courier in Berlin – we use Steinbeis recycling paper – we protect the environment and offset our CO2 emissions.
Besides the uncompromising use of resource-conserving materials in our daily office routine, and the use of energy saving technologies, we also support environmental organisations and are directly involved in saving trees and environmental protection. – Green Power, the details:

  • Use of recycling paper in the office routine at
    We are on our way to a paper-free office and until this day we exclusively use 100% recycled paper produced by Steinbeis (a Greenpeace recommendation).
    Compared to traditional paper we save 79.4 litres of water, 16.3 kWh and 7.5kg of wood
    for every 500 sheets.

  • The paper-free office
    The first step will be taken at the beginning of August when we will start sending paper invoices only on request. On top of this, orders can then be confirmed per mouse click, so that faxing and the associated paper and energy use will be dropped. More steps will follow until our goal of using less than 50 sheets of A4 paper a month is reached.

  • Electricity from regenerative sources
    The energy provider Lichtblick supplies the electricity that runs our office and, of course, recharges the batteries for our radio equipment (-> This provider supplies us with 100% green electricity, from water, sun, and wind.

  • Saving electricity
    True to the motto "even the small things count", we use energy-saving bulbs in our office routine; time switches ensure that all devices not required outside the opening hours are disconnected from the power supply. (Good for the environment and good for our running costs – and for our customers, who profit from our savings)

  • Environmentally friendly logistics
    Our two-way radios are delivered and collected by our logistics partner TNT - closer to home, we are increasingly using local companies who, taking environmental protection as seriously as we do, use hybrid vehicles. TNT engages in environmental protection in many ways and participates in programs like "Planet me" and ECOPROFIT. More about this on the TNT Website.

  • Emission free delivery within Berlin
    We deliver our two-way radios within Berlin with the bicycle collective Fahrwerk who use workbikes. Time and again we are convinced by the social commitment of bicycle transport without exhaust fumes and fine dust particles, as well as the friendliness and quick delivery.(-> Website von Fahrwerk)

  • Offsetting CO2 and direct action
    At present, we are on the lookout for a suitable project in the forest protection area or reforestation, internationally and in our local region. For this we count on the support of BUND, WWF and of course Greenpeace. A first step at present is our tree donations in Berlin; for us this can only be a beginning.  – we take environmental protection seriously and are naturally always happy to receive more suggestions from our business partners.

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