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GP300 Battery

Strong. Robust. Reliable – the Motorola GP300 battery

1,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

The GP300 battery is, like the Motorola GP300 itself, a work-horse and is neither stingy on performance or on weight. The bulge on the back of the battery for the GP3000 makes room for a large Ni-Cd, that is also very powerful.

We naturally deliver the Motorola GP300 incl. a pre-charged and freshly serviced GP300 battery. If you are planning usage for more than 6 hours, and have no on-site charging possibility for the GP300 battery, then we recommend that you rent additional batteries for the Motorola GP300.

The features of the GP300 battery

  • Very powerful because of the Ni-Cd core
  • Weight: approx. 240g
  • Battery compatible for the Motorola GP300
  • Belt clip on the back side

The Radio-Rental.com service team tests all Motorola GP300 batteries before every dispatch, changes batteries depending on performance status, and checks if they are working properly and securely fit.

You can rent additional batteries for the Motorola GP300, the Motorola GP300 itself, and compatible accessories very easily with our on-line configurator – just enter the desired number in the free field – or write us an E-mail. Naturally we are also delighted to take your call at our free service number +800 1188 44 00

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