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Our Tour Guide Synexis

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Charging Case C30 for our TourGuide SynexisC30 Charging Case- Beyerdynamic Synexis
The super-convenient, extremely smart charging case for Beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide systems.
n/a0,00 € **
IL 100 Induction Loop for our Beyerdynamic Synexis systemIL 100 Induction Loop- Beyerdynamic Synexis
The Synexis IL 100 induction loop allows hearing aids to connect to the Synexis RP8 pocket receivers in our tour guide systems, letting hearing-aid users benefit from the systems' famously excellent speech intelligibility.
25 g *1,00 € **
Neck- worn Headset DT3 for tour guide SynexisNeck-worn headset DT3- Beyerdynamic Synexis
Thanks to its neckband, the DT 3 headset is very comfortable to wear, and it won't mess up your hairstyle. It also delivers very clear sound.
55 g *1,00 € **
DT2- super stereo for tour guide SynexisSuper stereo headset DT2- Beyerdynamic Synexis
Powerful stereo headset, perfect for use with our tour guide systems in noisy environments like factory tours and trade fairs.
49 g *1,00 € **
Headset DT1 for tour guide SynexisHeadset DT1- Beyerdynamic Synexis
Its powerful, precise speech reproduction, superb wearability, light-weight and flawless coordination with the Synexis tour guide system combine to make this single-ear headset the top seller in our inventory.
183 g *1,00 € **
Receiver RP8 for Beyerdynamic SynexisReceiver RP8- Beyerdynamic Synexis
Easy to use. Lighter than any smartphone. Excellent speech quality and maximum reception sensitivity make the Synexis RP8 the most popular and most rented receiver in our tour guide system inventory.
90 g *4,50 € **
Beyerdynamic Synexis- neck-worn headset TG H55cNeck-worn headset TG H55c- Beyerdynamic Synexis
he TG H55c is a convenient, neck-worn headset with microphone; it enables users to lead tours and, most notably, give presentations with both hands free. Supreme wearability; speech comes across powerfully, thanks to the ability to position the microphone at mouth-level.
n/a5,00 € **
Antenna At71 for tour guide SynexisAT71 Omnidirectional Antenna- Beyerdynamic Synexis
Used in conjunction with the TS8 stationary transmitter, the Beyerdynamic AT71 omnidirectional antenna provides excellent reception, even in large conference venues & exhibition halls.
250 g *5,00 € **
TS8-  Stationary transmitter for TourGuide SynexisStationary transmitter TS8- Beyerdynamic Synexis
Synexis TS8: The ideal enhancement for your rental of a Beyerdynamic tour guide system. Facilitates simultaneous interpretation, and easily connects the tour guide system directly to a mixing board.
1700 g *15,00 € **
pocket transmitter for the Synexis tour guide system- TP8Pocket transmitter TP8- Beyerdynamic Synexis
High-end pocket transmitter for our Synexis tour guide system. Superb voice reproduction, lightweight; maximum range (in conjunction with Synexis RP8 pocket receivers).
90 g *20,00 € **
TH8-  transmitter for our Beyerdynamic tour guide Synexis systemHandheld transmitter TH8-Beyerdynamic Synexis
The handheld transmitter for our Beyerdynamic tour guide system(s). Its ergonomic fit, strong transmission power and superb speech reproduction make the Beyerdynamic the gold standard of tour guide systems.
200 g *25,00 € **

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