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We don't just repair Motorola two-way radios and radio tech. We're also very happy to support you by maintaining and optimising complex systems and radio cells in the areas of DMR, TETRA radio and BOS. In addition to troubleshooting and coverage optimisation, we offer regular electrotechnical testing, wear- and corrosion testing, professional programming, application implementation and firmware updates.

An accredited Motorola Partner, we've been specialising in Motorola technology since 1999. However, we're also happy to support, maintain and repair other systems (e.g. Hytera) or cells that use a mix of technologies.
We're also quite familiar with the workings of most amateur radio equipment.

Overview of our radio-tech workshop/maintenance services:

  • Free estimates and quotes
    Estimates and quotes – even those related to earlier inspection/testing – are generally free of charge. We consider this practice part of the Enterprise Service we offer.
  • Repair of Motorola radio equipment
    We're Motorola specialists, so, of course, we've got the service manuals for all of their latest two-way radios (including the Mototrbo and MTP series), as well as for most of the "evergreens" (like the Motorola GP300). Basically, we've never come across a radio that we haven't been able to get working again.
  • Maintenance of radio cells / radio systems
    Your radio cell is in good hands with us. With over a decade of experience, we'll gladly maintain your cells and systems – at your location – and guarantee uninterrupted radio communication (upon request, as part of a regular maintenance contract).
    In addition to the innovative repeater technology provided by the Motorola DR series (-> Motorola DR3000), we'll also assist you with our technical expertise in optimisation and interference elimination for TETRA radio and BOS systems.
  • Battery testing
    Be they IMPRES-tech or conventional batteries,  we refresh your two-way radio batteries, exchange batteries and generate performance charts. Batteries are tested in our Cadex battery-testing system or with IMPRES test technology, which includes a reporting function.
  • Programming Motorola two-way radios
    We also check and optimise the code plugs for your two-way radios. Small adjustments and/or firmware update can often work wonders for battery performance, range and more. Flashing is possible, too, if the radio's provenance can be verified.
  • DR3000 support and programming
    Our DR3000 support package is extensive, including not only the programming of Connect Plus and Linked Capacity Plus but also the design and troubleshooting of DMR cells. For more information, please contact Oliver Hertkorn, mail@Radio-Rental.com, +49 30 29381970.
    Our workshop team handles technical hardware issues and repairs.
  • Repair of DMR, TETRA radio and BOS
    We're radio professionals, so it goes without saying that, just like our rental team, our technicians feel right at home in the areas of BOS, TETRA and DMR.
  • Electro-technical testing AND BGV A3 certification
    As specialists and masters in our field, we offer electro-technical testing AND BGV A3 certification in addition to straightforward repair services. This testing/certification is a periodic requirement for most systems, whether stationary or mobile and is highly recommended for insurance purposes alone. More about the BGV A3: https://www.vbg.de/apl/uvv/4/5.htm

The outstanding specialists in our workshop provide state-of-the-art repairs and maintenance for radio and antenna technology, and their advice is free. We look forward to hearing from you, and we'll be glad to offer our support, even on short notice. Thanks to our extensive inventory, we'll be pleased to offer you complimentary or discounted rentals of replacement radio equipment and cells. Please let us know if you want this service when you make your inquiry.

Call Radio-Rental.com at +49 30 29381970, and our expediting team will cheerfully respond to your inquiry. You can also e-mail our workshop at mail@Radio-Rental.com.

P.S.: And yes, of course, we're glad to help our colleagues out with a free experience-based tip here and there, including pointers on DR3000 programming. Just give us a ring; we're always happy to engage in a colleague-to-colleague conversation.

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