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Motorola DM4601

Bluetooth, data transmission, SMS and much more: the DM4601

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The Motorola MOTOTRBO DM4601 provides users with numerous enhanced functions and expansion options. Featuring built-in GPS and Bluetooth, this mobile two-way radio is popular for its intelligent audio and data functions, achieving even the toughest assignments. This model is an economical solution for mission-critical challenges because users can communicate in analogue and digital modes. Although the Motorola DM4601 is built just like its brother, the DM4600, it has added capabilities: it can transmit data and connect to Bluetooth devices (like our Bluetooth headset).

Clear and distinct voice communication and data transmission

The DM4601 possesses excellent audio functions, automatically adjusting the volume to the ambient noise level, even in noisy surroundings. Impressive! Bluetooth provides reliable transmission of audio and data, and programmable buttons enable direct access to various functions. This model also supports several types of emergency alarms, to attract attention in critical situations.

Expanded coverage and capacity

Individual areas can be connected using IP Site Connect, and the Capacity Plus option provides a trunked-radio solution, significantly increasing coverage and capacity. As a result, even larger work-groups can communicate over long distances. The DM4601 can adapt to handle nearly any challenge or requirement. The DM4000(like Motorola DM4400) series mobile devices are also ideal for seamlessly transitioning to a digital communication system.

Ideal Applications

The DM4601 is the perfect mobile two-way radio for use in the public safety sector, in logistics and transportation, in business, manufacturing and the telecommunications industry. Unlike the DM4600, the DM4601 has GPS navigation built in. And the audio quality? The DM4000 line is renowned for the extraordinary clarity in voice communication. MOTOTRBO apps enable user-friendly business solutions, so the DM4601 can be customized to suit your requirements. Because these two-way radios are compatible with SCADA solutions, public utility companies and monitoring services consider them a worthwhile option for reliable voice- and data communication.

Features of the DM4601:

  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
  • Integrated GPS Navigation
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • 4-Line Full-Colour Display
  • Day/Night Display Modes
  • Menu-driven and user-friendly interface
  • Customizable Voice Announcement
  • Programmable Buttons
  • IP Location Connection
  • Integrated Scrambling

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