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Motorola MTP850

Motorola MTP850: The standard in TETRA radio

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Over the course of its history, Motorola has created several two-radios that have become legends by setting global standards. The Motorola MTP850 TETRA two-way radio belongs among them.

Just like its big sisters, the Motorola MTP850S, the MTP850 BOS TETRA two-way radio, the explosion-protected MTP850 EX ATEX TETRA two-way radio and the MTP3250 (the absolute high-end in TETRA radio), the MTP850 is most useful when operated with a TETRA cell (like the Motorola MTS1 TETRA cell).

Generally speaking, most TETRA two-way radios can also work in so-called back-to-back mode, i.e. with the radios connecting directly, instead of via a TETRA cell. This function is intended as a fallback, in case the TETRA cell malfunctions or is no longer in range. However, the radio's full set of functions (man-down function, high-security radio connection, etc. etc.) is only available within a TETRA cell.

Our industrial customers appreciate these MTP850 functions most:

  • Top-level communication security
    The MTP850's high-security encryption is exceptionally effective, enabling secure communication when used in combination with the administrator's management of the TETRA cell itself and the cell's network-access permission settings. TETRA radio had been superior to the more innovative DMR technology in this area. However, the arrival of Motorola's Connect Plus technology (including user-managed DMR cells) has now created parity in this area, too.
    The MTP850's air interface is encrypted in accordance with standards set by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).
  • High-resolution display
    The Motorola MTP850's screen features a resolution of 130 x 130 pixels and displays 64,000 colours, so you can view documents or even building plans. What at first glance seems like a "nice-to-have" feature becomes interesting when this two-way radio is connected to control software like EcoEMOS, in the automotive sector. If you're looking for an automatic day/night mode – allowing the display to adjust to ambient light levels automatically – we recommend using the Motorola MTP3250.
  • Extensive telephone lists
    As a full-featured TETRA two-way radio, the Motorola MTP850 fits right in anywhere, even in the largest TETRA cells with many thousands of users. Its poise is obvious, even in very uncluttered telephone lists, which are easily accessible to the user. In many ways, its user interface resembles that of a mobile phone.
  • Large buttons
    The MTP850's channel selector, volume control, emergency signal button and, last but not least, its PTT button (which must be pressed to transmit) are sensibly sized, allowing the user to operate the radio well, even while wearing conventional work gloves.
  • A comprehensive set of functions
    The man-down function, connectivity with existing telephone systems, the illuminated keypad and many more practical, very well-thought-out functions – along with Radio-Rental.com's Enterprise Service package – make the MTP850 a superb all-around TETRA two-way radio, the rightful foundation upon which the next generation of devices (MTP850S and MTP3250) is built.

Tech specs for the Motorola MTP850:

  • Technologies
    TETRA radio; GPS; frequency ranges: 380-430/440-470
  • Weight
    - About 170g (MTP850 + antenna and belt clip, without battery)
    - About 245g (MTP850 + 950 lithium-ion battery)
    - About 260g (MTP850 + 1,850 lithium-ion battery)
  • Dimensions (in mm)
    About 125 x 50 x 33.5 (MTP850 + 950 lithium-ion battery)
    About 125 x 50 x 37.5 (MTP850 + 1,850 lithium-ion battery)
  • Battery Life
    MTP850 950 mAh lithium-ion battery: about 6 - 8 hours, depending on radio traffic
    MTP850 1,850 mAh lithium-ion battery: about 10 - 14 hours, depending on radio traffic
  • Antenna Technology
    TETRA antennas, including GPS

Radio-Rental.com's MTP850 package includes antennas, battery and belt clip. Like the batteries of the analogue and digital Motorola radios in our inventory, batteries for our TETRA radios are regularly tested using our CADEX battery testing system – all to ensure a constant and reliable power supply for your Motorola MTP850.

For larger projects, we gladly offer our Enterprise Service package, including 24/7 support, overnight exchange, full insurance coverage and advice for getting connected with the MTP850.

We will be glad to advise you regarding the right TETRA cell for your planned application, and equally happy to rent or sell one to you.

Want to rent the Motorola MTP850 as a stand-alone device? Our values are unbeatable, and we'll be happy to put together a quote just for you, quickly and without obligation. You can request a quote by phone +493029381970 or by e-mail mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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