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Motorola DP4600

The Mototrbo DP4600 by Motorola

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Motorola DP4600 Mototrbo Radio

Das Mototrbo DP4600 (by Motorola)

Motorola (Mototrbo) DMR Radio DP4600 - Display controls

Motorola (Mototrbo) Radio DP4600 - Back

Das Mototrbo DP4600 is a high-end digital radio. Like its smaller (and displayless) brother, the DP4400, and its compatible repeater (Motorola DR3000), it’s denoted by the sub-brand Mototrbo. That stands for Motorola Turbo, and it’s under this brand that Motorola offers its most advanced digital radios.

In addition to an uncluttered and energy-efficient display, Motorola equipped the DP4600 with an integrated Bluetooth module to connect with Motorola’s Bluetooth Headset. Motorola advertises the DP4600 with the claim “Best Audio in Class” – something we can enthusiastically confirm. Thanks to the background noise filter, the DP4600’s voice transmission is crystal-clear, punchy, and even intelligible even with loud background noise.

The DP4600 really shows its strengths in a digital radio environment, when it’s used in conjunction with a network of digital repeaters (like the Motorola DR3000). With tools like IP Site Connect and Linked Capacity Plus, the range of trunked radio systems is practically unlimited, and huge spaces can be covered.

Key features of the Motorola DP4600 at a glance:

  • 1000 possible channels
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Intelligent sound management automatically adjusts volume and filters out unwanted background noise, guaranteeing good intelligibility in almost any environment
  • Ideal for use with digital radio cells (the DR3000 for example)
  • Skimp on weight, not performance (355.5g including battery)
  • Compact dimensions (130.3 x 55.2 x 41.1 mm)
  • The Motorola DP4600 is the smallest digital radio in our stock of the Motorola DP series. The only smaller digital radio on offer is the Motorola SL4000 or SL4010
  • Call interruption for priority calls possible, for example, if Director or Technical Director speaks, all users within the group hear.
  • Easy-to-read, high-resolution display including battery status, channel display, day/night mode, and more.
  • SMS compatibility (Need to communicate silently? No problem with the DP4600)
  • Up to 16.2 hours battery life with intelligent battery usage
  • Talkaround Funktion: If a repeater fails or two users move outsize the repeater’s zone of operation, it is bypassed and radio communication between the two DP4600 continues directly without interruption.
  • Integrated Bluetooth Interface
  • Robust, military-standard Motorola technology: large push-to-talk button, email compatible (gateway necessary), deadman function, programmable to 1 W/ 4 W transmission power, emergency button, programmable function keys, and more…

Feel secure with Motorola DP4600’s encryption technology

Mototrbo DP4600 utilizes the best of current encryption technologies to make business-critical radio communication as safe as possible (for example, to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks).

The Motorola DP4600 - with integrated explosion-safe technology (FM)

When used with the appropriate FM battery, the Motorola DP4600 is approved for use in hazardous areas. IMPORTANT: if you plan to use Motorola radios in an explosion-hazard environment, please contact us before renting the radios. Only then can we check the selected equipment and accessories for the corresponding ATEX certification for the intended application.

The FM certification represents a basic ATEX certification and is mainly used in the United States. In the European ATEX certification, the FM certificate is usually included. FM Standard certified radios are usually used in hazardous environments, for instance, engine rooms in ships (due to the potential presence of oil vapors). Those interested in learning about FM standards can find out more on the following website, (bottom: Research & Standards) as well as on our Radios Wiki under “FM Certification.”

We offer two 100% digital radios from the Motorola Mototrbo group: the Motorola DP4401 ATEX EX and the DP4801 ATEX.

We rent out the DP4600 for the following uses:

  • Communication in large teams
  • Coverage in Industry parks or cities (in conjunction with DRM repeaters from Motorola)
  • Large festivals and film productions
  • As a backpack radio (without repeater) suited to all productions that require good speech intelligibility, easy and reliable communication, and very long battery life.

The Motorola DP4600 also has a convenient warning indicator for when the device (and the user) leaves the coverage area. With three clicks on the left and right arrows, the signal strength can also be displayed at any time, not to be underestimated in large areas.

The Motorola DP4600 is a full digital radio and leaves nothing to be desired. Its wide range of functionality, robust, military-grade engineering (Military standards 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G), and very long battery life make it one of the most popular digital radios in our fleet.

Naturally, we rent the Motorola (Mototrbo) DP4600 with our usual unbeatable price-performance ratio, including access to our 24/7 customer service. We can also advise you on the construction and operation of major digital radio cells and trunked radios – and deliver you a non-binding estimate quickly.

Rent the Motorola DP4600 as….

... a standalone radio or with accessories such as the Motorola DR3000, the Bluetooth headset, or additional Motorola DP4600ern Battery with the Motorola IMPRES technology. Call us at 030/2938197-0, send us an email at ( Or use our Online Estimate tool by entering the number of radios you need in the box below and choose your headsets and DP4400 replacement batteries. Then it’s just four easy steps to create a non-binding rental contract for the Motorola DP4600.

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