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Earbud Headset

Light and inconspicuous – the earbud headset for our Motorola two-way radios

3,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

The earbud headset is compatible with every Motorola two-way radio from Radio-Rental.com, or else comes incl. adapter. A Motorola two-way radio combined with the earbud headset is the ideal companion for every security operation; due to its inconspicuous design, it is also very popular in event management.

Here, discrete actually means discrete. The inconspicuous cable can be comfortably worn underneath clothes. The microphone is usually fastened to the collar or to the strap of an evening dress, while the transparent acoustic tube (air tube) leads to the ear (see illustration). The earbud headset's PPT (push to talk button) can be positioned freely on the sleeve (internal cable routing), on the hem of the jacket, or a similar place.

Application areas of earbud headsets (for Motorola two-way radios)

  • Security sector
  • Event management (e.g. evening galas etc.)
  • Building communication

The features of the earbud headset:

  • In-ear system incl. silicon piece
  • Microphone on an inconspicuous black (or skin coloured) cable
  • Freely positional PPT button
    (for discrete conversations)

Naturally we deliver the earbud headset compatible with our Motorola two-way radios.

  • Incl. new ear-plugs (included in price)
  • Incl. freshly cleaned and disinfected cables, microphone and PTT

All headsets are manually inspected before dispatch and packed individually in protective packaging.

It is quick and easy to rent earbud headsets from Radio-Rental.com

We will gladly rent you the earbud headset incl. the Motorola two-way radio that optimally suits your needs. We look forward to your call and/ or E-mail. Alternatively, we are happy to provide you with the opportunity to use our on-line two-way radio configurator. If you like, you can just enter the desired number of earbud headsets in the free field. After this you can choose two-way radios and accessories in three easy steps and then receive a quote.

Earbud Headset Download as PDF