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Radio-Rental.com Radio-Rental.com

The Radio-Rental.com Team

The Radio-Rental.com Team (in all its beauty):

  • Oliver
    Oliver Managing Director / Tonmeister (member of VDT, the Association of German Tonmeisters)

    Whenever Oliver isn't with us in the office, he's rocking stages around the world as Tonmeister for several well-known bands.


  • Gregor
    Gregor Rental Expediting

    The man who puts quotes together faster than a seagull swooping on a crumb. From time to time, he can be observed "in the wild," assisting clients with their setups.


  • Philip
    Philip Expediting

    English, French, German, Polish: Philip rocks our rental stock...and in multiple languages too!


  • Eugen
    Eugen Warehouse

    The warehouse is his stage, and he's just at home in logistics as in his living room. Eugen's constantly on top of things.


  • Mayk
    Mayk Warehouse

    No package is too heavy, no destination port too distant: Mayk is a shipping pro.


  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Warehouse Logistics Specialist

    Our warehouse logistics specialist Jeremy is absolutely indispensable - and he's practically a fixture around here. Together with the sailors, he rocks the warehouse.


  • Nico
    Nico Assistant to the Managing Director / All-Rounder

    Our all-rounder Nico rocks at office organisation and bookkeeping - and in the warehouse, too.


  • Elias
    Elias Workshop

    Studied electrical engineering, and is an electrical specialist in event technology...what more could you ask for when equipment needs to be whipped into shape (and kept that way), even at night? Even his e-mail initials, ER, stand for "Emergency Room."


  • Ludger
    Ludger Logistics

    An inventory that's fast approaching 10,000 items needs a lot of care - and Ludger is our rose gardener – because he knows where everything is!


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