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Overhead boom headset (light)

Louder than the earbud headset with maximum wearing comfort: The overhead boom headset

3,00 €
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Just like all our Motorola headsets, we deliver our lightest overhead boom headset,  compatible with every Motorola two-way radio on offer from Radio-Rental.com.

Besides the fact that it sits very securely, using an overhead boom headset has the advantage that the microphone can be positioned directly in front of the mouth. In this way, even whispered announcements, e.g. during a theatre production from the director to the stage, can be transmitted with very good voice quality.

Light overhead boom headsets are preferably used in the following areas:

  • Theatre
  • Event technology
  • Building communication
  • Event management

The features of the light overhead boom headset:

  • Weight: approx. 100 grams
  • Flexible signal transfer with fully rubber insulation
  • Positionable microphone with wind protection
  • One-sided, open earphone
  • Very good voice recognition
  • Outstanding wearing comfort

Radio-Rental.com delivers the light overhead boom headset freshly cleaned and disinfected in protected individual packaging and compatible to our Motorola two-way radios. Are you planning a static operation, or an operation where the surrounding noise volume is medium? Then the light overhead boom headset is the right choice for you.

Renting the light overhead boom headset is very easy at Radio-Rental.com!

After you call or E-mail, we will make you a quick and non-binding individual quotation for the light overhead boom headset and the Motorola two-way radios that ideally suit your production. It is even quicker with our on-line two-way radio configurator; in four simple steps you will be lead through the quoting process. If you would like this, just enter the desired number of light overhead boom headsets and click "Continue".

Overhead boom headset (light) Download as PDF