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Two-Way Radios for Catering and Food Service

At events of all kinds, few, if any, workers cover more ground in a day (or evening) than the service personnel in the catering field. What's more, secure communication between the kitchen/prep team and (if need be) on-site event technicians is an absolute must, especially when the power supply is acting up again.

Radio-Rental.com has been serving Germany's (and Europe's) top caterers with light, easy-to-handle Motorola two-way radios for over 10 years. We've been relying on digital radios like the SL4000 more and more since 2006 because they're even lighter than our catering best-seller, the Motorola GP344.

Our top two-way radios for catering and food service:

  • The Motorola GP344
    The lightest analogue two-way radio in our inventory. Backed by highly-resilient Motorola technology, it can even survive an accidental dip in the champagne cooler (but please don't try this). At 250g (including the lithium-ion battery), the GP344 weighs only about 50% more than an iPhone and boasts 16 channels. The lithium-ion battery powers up to 8 hours of radio communication. The oversized Push-to-Talk button makes the radio safer and easier to operate - no trifling matter when the main course is being served and the staff really has to rock and roll. The GP344's range is somewhat longer than the SL4000's, and it scores points for ease of use, too: press the button, talk, done. Of course, we also offer many accessories for the GP334, including speaker/microphones (headsets), extra short antennas and more.
    -> Detailed information on the Motorola GP344
  • The Motorola SL4000
    To the best of our knowledge, the Motorola SL4000 is Motorola's lightest two-way radio, gradually replacing the Motorola GP344 as the radio of choice in the catering and food-service industry (although the GP344 does play in a different league when it comes to value for money). Both the SL4000 and its big sister, the SL4010, boast Motorola's superb digital audio, and at about 165g (battery included), they weigh around as much as a smartphone. In our opinion, no radio is better for permanent installations and large restaurants; we enthusiastically recommend the SL4000. The GP344 is still the most frequently used two-way radio for mobile applications, especially in the fields of event- or film-catering. It also costs a bit less to rent. The SL4000 has lots of accessories, too. Catering and food-service businesses may find the wireless Bluetooth headset of particular interest.
    -> Detailed information on the SL4000

We've been equipping catering firms of every size and food-service business of all "flavours" with professional Motorola two-way radios since 1999. We'll be happy to advise you. We can do "à la carte" too, of course (although not exclusively), we're your capable partners when it comes to customised radio solutions and special locations/situations like beer halls, trade-fair catering (central kitchen/multiple serving areas) or film-catering (including communicating with the production crew).

Our advice is free and requires no obligation on your part. The Radio-Rental.com team looks forward to hearing from you. Just use our quote-request tool or contact us anytime by phone +49 30 2938197-0 or e-mail mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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