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Motorola DP3441

Motorola DP3441 - Ultralight Digital Radio

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The Motorola DP3441 is the digital counterpart to one of the most popular radios in our rental fleet: the Motorola GP344. The GP344 is the lightest DP3441 radio in its series (the DP series) and adds the benefits of digital voice quality, hybrid function and  significantly better battery usage to the GP344. It also boasts full integration of Impress Technology by Motorola.

Features of the DP3441:

The DP3441 is a well-rounded device with some especially outstanding features:

  • The DP3441 is light and small
    The DP3441's size and weight undercuts almost all other Motorola radios in our rental fleet except one. Only the tiny SL4000 beats it. With the standard battery, the radio weighs just 254 grams. By size, its dimensions of 10cm x 6.3cm x 3.4 cm just about match those of our smallest radio, the Motorola GP344. (Fun fact: it's this small size that makes the GP344 the most popular with caterers)
  • The DP3441 is easy to use
    The DP3441 works without a display. The channel selection and volume level are adjusted easily with two knobs on the top of the radio. Speaking and listening also couldn't be simpler, using the same push-to-talk button as radios in the GP and CP series.
  • The DP3441 is robust and practical
    Unlike the SL4000, which we consider to be extremely high-end and on the cutting edge of radio technology, the DP3441 is tried-and-true:It's focused on practicality and durability. Take the headset connector for example – the connection is strong and won't slip. It also conforms to the IP67 standard, so it's dustproof and water-resistant (please don't deliberately put the device underwater). Moreover, it conforms to the military standards 810 D, 810 E, 810 F and 810 G. It's functional at temperatures as low as -30C and as high as +60C – from snowboarding events at Zugspitze mountain to the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil. 

  • The DP3441 is dual-purpose (Analogue / Digital)
    Like other radios in the DP series (unless otherwise stated), the DP3441 is compatible not only with our other digital radios (like the Motorola DP4600), but also with the analogue radios in our offerings (such as the GP344). When used with our repeaters (-> Motorola DR3000), powerful digital cells can be assembled and by using Mototrbo Firmware Linked Capacity Plus, a host of other features (direct calling, etc.) are possible.

Applications of the Motorola DP3441

The DP3441 is one of the most popular radios in our rental fleet, and with good reason. It's especially appreciated by customers looking for a small and lightweight radio with excellent voice quality and ease of use. These uses include:

  • Motorola DP3441 – the best-loved radio in catering
    Caterers make up a major part of the customers who choose the DP3441. Our customers in the service industry love the DP3441 for its light weight, ease of use (like the big push-to-talk button), and the long battery life. 
  • Motorola DP3441 – a sporty event deserves a radio to match
    With its huge range of operating temperatures, display-free design, long battery life, and quick and easy operation, the DP3441 is an ideal choice for sports events. We rent frequently to:
    - Snowboarding and skiing events
    - Downhill skiing events

Of course, many other event planners – security services and event agencies – choose to rent the DP3441. For evening events and hidden communication, the SL4000, with its smartphone-like dimensions and light weight, is a recommended alternative. However, the DP3441 remains the cheaper, simpler, and more robust choice.

Motorola DP3441: Rent or try-before-you-buy

Of course, we are more than happy to rent or sell the DP3441 or other radios from Motorola to you and also offer extensive accessory options (headsets, batteries, range extenders(DR3000), special antennas, and more).

We're happy to receive your purchase or rental request. Just call +49 30 2938197-0 , or send us an email at mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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