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Motorola MTP850Ex

Motorola MTP850 EX - explosion-proof and virtually indestructible Tetra radio

30,00 €
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The MTP8000Ex series of Motorola two-way radios have been specially designed for safe and reliable communication in hazardous areas. With these rugged and flexible TETRA-ATEX two-way radios (like the Motorola MTP850 S), staff can work anywhere, even in extreme work environments where flammable liquids, vapours or gases are present.

High-performance communication for tough jobs

The Motorola MTP850Ex radio is ideal for use in environments that are challenging and noisy. The MTP8000Ex series has been optimised to produce strong, clear audio, so these devices still provide superior sound quality, even when background noise is extremely loud. Another plus is the integrated Bluetooth technology, which allows the radio to work reliably with wireless devices or accessories.

Maximum safety, guaranteed

The MTP850Ex TETRA ATEX walkie-talkie is easy to operate, even through thick gloves. This rugged model functions flawlessly in hazardous environments with explosive substances, and even in wet/cold conditions. The radio is protected to IP65, IP66 and IP67 standards. Additional safety features include an enlarged emergency button and man-down alarm, and an enhanced network-coverage system that automatically alerts users when coverage weakens.

Quick access to data applications

The built-in WAP browser is another advantage of this reliable two-way radio, enabling access to important information, anytime and anywhere. Useful data features also include status updates and SDS messages, allowing quick access to specific facts, even in extreme working environments.

Ideal Applications

The red Motorola MTP850Ex TETRA ATEX two-way radio affords a high level of protection, making it a reliable companion even in potentially explosive environments. It is ideal for aid organisations, fire departments, public safety agencies and for industrial enterprises that attach great value to the safety of their employees.

Features of the MTP850Ex:

  • Robust design
  • Strong protection against gas and dust
  • Powerful audio
  • Enhanced network coverage
  • GPS
  • Data application capability
  • Bluetooth
  • Longer battery life
  • Really easy to operate
  • Internal man-down alarm
  • Wide range of ATEX-certified accessories

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