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Motorola GP340

The all-rounder from the Motorola professional series: The Motorola GP340

8,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

Known from innumerable film productions, event and security operations, and last but not least, from its use by the police and fire department, the Motorola GP340 is the most frequently used two-way radio of them all – and justifiably so.

16 channels provide a coverage range that is more than adequate for virtually every use; the ultra-robust design combined with the proven Motorola technology, which stands for excellent voice reproduction at maximum range and battery life.

The Motorola GP340 is the right choice for:

  • Film productions of almost any type and size
  • Event productions
  • Security operations
  • Building sites, area and building communication

The Motorola GP340 is equipped with the following features:

  • 16 channels
  • Professional hand-held two-way radio with frequencies exclusively allotted by Federal Network Agency
    Advantage over PRM:  secure against interception, more trouble free
    (The frequencies are already included in Radio-Rental.com's rental price)
  • Weight, incl. lithium-ion battery: 350g
  • Ultra robust housing
  • Private line technology (C) by Motorola

Radio-Rental.com delivers the Motorola GP340 incl.:

  • Pre-charged Motorola GP340 lithium ion battery
  • Operating frequencies
  • Belt clip
  • Antenna

With the Motorola GP340 you are more or less ensured of the perfect communication for your production.

Renting the Motorola GP340 from us is very easy:

You can get an instant non-binding quote from us on the phone or by E-mail (-> Contact).

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