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AT71 Omnidirectional Antenna- Beyerdynamic Synexis

Beyerdynamic AT71 omnidirectional antenna for the Synexis tourguide system.

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Unlike directional antennas (which must be aligned with the transmitter), omnidirectional antennas like the AT71 UHF broadband antenna for the Synexis tour guide system broadcast in all directions. They have an active and passive TNC connector, as well as a built-in antenna booster.

Features of the AT71 omnidirectional antenna:

  • 470 – 1000 MHz frequency range
  • Active and passive connector
  • Transmitting and receiving antenna for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Built-in antenna booster (12 dB), to offset coaxial cable signal-loss
  • For the Opus and ACT series, Synexis and in-ear systems

The AT71 omnidirectional antenna can be mounted on the wall or on a stand. Dimensions: 120 x 261 x 32 mm. Weight: Just 200 grams. Connected via TNC connector. A red LED indicates when the antenna booster is on. Thanks to the 12-dB booster, antenna cables up to 20m in length can be used.

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