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Motorola CP040

4 channels, optimal range, Motorola's most budget-friendly professional two-way radio

5,90 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

Like its big sister, the CP140, the Motorola CP040 is a professional two-way radio, developed by the renowned manufacturer Motorola, with maximum range and robust technology in mind. 
We offer the Motorola CP040 in our radio rental at an almost unbeatable value, including a next-day guarantee and our well-known 24h Radio-Rental.com local support.

Radio-Rental.com only works with Motorola two-way radios – the high-end brand of two-way radio. Their 80 years of experience, the equipping of police and fire departments, and continuous further development, have convinced both our customers and us for over 10 years.

Application areas of Motorola CP040

  • Film productions with at most 4 independent crews
  • Small and medium-sized events with at most 4 radio groups
    (e.g. security, organiser, event technology, stages)
  • Security operations
  • Communication on building sites

Features of the Motorola CP040 two-way radio

  • 4 channels
  • Weight: 376g (incl. slim lithium-ion battery pack)
  • Robust body
  • Tempered/proven Motorola technology
  • Easy to change channels via rotatory channel selector switch
  • Variable volume adjustment
  • X-PAND technology (C) by Motorola for even better voice reproduction
  • Excellent value for money

Radio-Rental.com delivers the Motorola CP040

  • Programmed on 4 frequencies, exclusively allotted to us by the Federal Network Agency
    (interception protected, outside of accessible public frequencies)
  • Includes the following accessories:
    1 x lithium-ion battery (suitable for the Motorola CP040)
    1 x single charging station (or 6-fold charger for larger numbers)
    1 x Motorola CP040 belt clip
  • Transport box

The Motorola CP040 is an all-rounder and, like all the two-way radios in our Radio-Rental.com rental park, is thoroughly serviced and disinfected on return. Included in the delivery are antenna and belt clip. Also included are charger cradle and pre-charged battery;  you should, depending on weather conditions during transport, recharge again fully on receipt. TNT Express delivers and collects again overnight.

Renting the Motorola CP040 two-way radio is very simple at Radio-Rental.com:

We will gladly make you an instant quote; just call +49 30 2938197-0 , send us an mail mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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