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Motorola SL4000

The Motorola MOTOTRBO SL4000: The latest in digital two-way radios.

12,50 €
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At Radio-Rental.com, we're thrilled to be able to offer the MOTOTRBO SL4000, a super-premium digital two-way radio. It has the usual outstanding Motorola quality, but the SL4000 is also the lightweight champion - it's almost 100 grams lighter than the Motorola GP344, which was previously the lightest of the Motorola radios in our rental range.

1,000 channels, data function, direct selection of radio partners, digital voice transmission, an informative display and automatic adaptation to ambient noise are just a few of the functions the Motorola SL4000 offers. If you'd rather give up some functionality in favour of a light-weight radio that's much simpler to operate, you'll find the Motorola DP3441 a great alternative. You can rent (and buy) that radio from us too, of course.

In addition, the SL4000 is brilliantly suited for integration into digital radio cells (-> Motorola DR3000). We'll be happy to set one up for you, covering any area from the largest worksite to an entire village or town.

And the SL4000 is light - really light.

Motorola SL4000 - Key features at a glance:

  • Light, with smart dimensions
    At 153g (including the 1,400 mAh battery) or 165g (with a 1,800 mAh battery), the Motorola SL4000 provides as-yet-unmatched portability, and it's superbly suited for long-term use.
    Its size mean it resembles a standard smartphone more than a professional two-way business radio:
    Height: 12.1 cm
    Width: 5.5 cm
    Thickness: 1.74 mm
    But the Motorola SL4000's weight and size aren't the only features that make it one of a kind.
  • The SL4000 combines digital speech quality with an intelligent audio system
    The Motorola SL4000 is a 100% digital two-way radio. Speech is transmitted digitally, so the resulting speech quality is crystal clear.
    In addition, the Motorola SL4000 features Motorola's new intelligent audio system, which automatically adapts to ambient volume, filtering out the greatest possible amount of annoying ambient noise.
  • 1,000 channels
    The Motorola SL4000 supports up to 1,000 channels, making it a terrific choice for any production, from the biggest event (like the Olympics, World Cup, etc.) to industrial applications (in enterprises of every size).
  • Direct calls, text messages & data transmission with the Motorola SL4000
    The Motorola SL4000's keypad can connect you directly to those you want to call; it can also transmit data and text messages.
  • Wireless headsets for the SL4000
    The Motorola SL 4000's Bluetooth interface makes it suitable for use with wireless headsets, which are significantly more comfortable to wear (and which you can also rent from us).
  • E-mail connection, integration into existing telephone systems and much more...
    Motorola's professional software and hardware solutions make e-mail communication quick and easy, facilitate integration into existing phone systems and much more. Managing work orders, for example, becomes hassle-free.

Typical Motorola SL4000 application scenarios:

  • Reception, hotels, manufacturing, facilities management
    Even in the largest properties and operations, like permanent or interim communication in auto manufacturing, or in industrial plants of any size. With the touch of a button, facilities managers can connect anytime with reception, security or other radio groups. Integration into an existing telephone system is possible.
  • Event management
    Because it's so light and slim, the Motorola SL4000 is ideal for evening events, and fits in your pocket just as easily as a smartphone does. Use the SL4000 with a wireless Motorola headset, and no one will be able to tell that you're connected with the whole event crew at all times.
  • Security services & detectives
    Ultra-discreet: the Motorola SL4000 is the perfect communications tech for covert investigations, in the security field and especially for detectives. Even the nearly invisible Bluetooth headset looks more like it belongs to a mobile phone than to a two-way radio.
  • Catering
    Whether during events or in the food service business, few teams cover more ground than catering workers do. In this field, professionals know that every gram counts. And we don't know of a lighter two-way radio than the Motorola SL4000.

Radio-Rental.com carries a wide range of Motorola SL4000 accessories, including Bluetooth headsets, powerful 1,800 mAh lithium-ion batteries, digital repeaters (like the DR3000, to increase coverage to almost any range), quick-charge systems and many more high-end items.

Looking for high-end digital two-way radios? The Motorola SL4000 and the Motorola SL4010 will wow you! It's not for nothing that Motorola itself describes the SL4000 as "the ultimate two-way radio for discreet communication"

Want to rent the Motorola SL4000 (even as a pre-purchase trial)?

We look forward to your inquiry! We'll be glad to rent the Motorola SL4000 to you, on reasonable terms. Just use our quote-request tool or contact us anytime by phone +49 30 2938197-0 or e-mail mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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