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Two-Way Radios for Construction Sites

Two-way radios for construction sites, or, "When the going gets tough, the tough (Motorola two-way radios) get going - straight to the construction site."

Also, construction sites are the most demanding environments for our radios, too (other than the stage pit at rock festivals). That's why we only work with Motorola two-way radios. Motorola's radio tech was originally developed for military applications, so it can master even the toughest challenges brilliantly. Learn more here (-> Motorola ).

For example, we invariably recommend the Motorola GP300 for all construction sites, as well as for tough roadwork jobs. The GP300's strengths:

  • Resistant to dust, mud and splashes
    The Motorola GP300 is an outdoor workhorse: tough, loud and almost unbreakable, it can withstand the occasional drop and is easy to clean.
  • Super-strong volume
    In combination with the Helicopter Headset, the Motorola GP300 is used not only on construction sites (e.g. for excavators and cranes), but also in auto-racing, for racetrack security.
  • Long range
    We supply professional two-way radios only. They transmit/receive on frequencies that are specifically registered to us, so (unlike conventional PMR radios) ours provide interference-free communication. The transmitting range of two-way radios is a significant factor, especially on large construction sites and in roadwork: Our radios transmit with 4 watts of power; normal PMR radios have about 0.5 watts – with a correspondingly shorter range.
  • Economical to use
    You can rent the Motorola GP300 from us for as low as €2.50/day (plus VAT/sales tax and (if applicable) shipping, on a 30-day rental), making it a terrific option, even for long-term construction.

We're pleased to say that among our clients are Germany's top 10 building construction and civil engineering companies, as well as pipe makers and chemical manufacturers. Chemical firms prefer to rely on our explosion-protected/intrinsically safe Motorola GP340 ATEX two-way radios for their construction sites.

About two-way radios for construction sites:
Motorola GP300 Two-Way Radio
Motorola CP040 Two-Way Radio

The Motorola CP040 is an interesting alternative to the Motorola GP300. Like its stablemate, the CP040 contains nothing but tough Motorola technology. However, it scores points over the GP300 by being significantly lighter and having smarter dimensions.

Radio-Rental.com: We've been renting two-way radios for construction sites since 1999, and we'll be happy to advise you. Call us +49 30 2938197-0 , send us an mail mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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