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Digital radio & DMR

DMR is the abbreviation for Digital Mobile Radio; it refers to an international voice- and data-transmission standard in private radio networks. Although analogue professional mobile radio is still widely (and, in many situations, justifiably) used, DMR offers a number of advantages that are indispensable in today's digital world: lower battery consumption, higher capacity, better antenna sensitivity, digital controls, user-specific applications, text messages, GPS, data-tracking and selective calling are just some of the many user-friendly features that digital radio systems offer. Digital signal transmission also ensures clear, distinct spoken audio. As they filter out background noises, digital two-way radios are also popular on construction sites, in factories and machine shops.

Moreover, because DMR is an established standard, radios from different manufacturers can even be compatible with each other. For example, DMR two-way radios from Motorola can (when appropriately programmed) communicate with radios from Hytera or Kenwood.

There are three types of DMR: Tier I, Tier II and Tier III:

Tier I: For amateur/hobby use; no frequency registration required; no usage fees, but reduced transmission power and limited frequencies.

Tier II: For professional mobile radio applications in DMO (Direct Mode Operation) mode, or simple trunked radio applications. Frequency registration required.

Tier III: Professional trunked radio solutions for larger radio networks with multiple base stations and IP-networking.

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