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Motorola DP4800

Best of the Best - Motorola DP4800 - Digital Radio of the First Class

20,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

With the Motorola DP4800, you can see the difference between analogue (GP & CP series) and digital (DP & SL series) radios more clearly than ever. With the exception of the SL4000, the DP4800 highlights the advantages of the Mototrbo better than ever before.

The unmatched audio technology of the Motorola DP4801 ATEX (did we mention it was explosion safe?) is complemented in the Motorola DP4800 by all the advantages of digital radio and a 4-column full-colour display. Never has instant communication been so simple and yet so rich in features as when using this flagship digital radio.

In terms of voice quality in the DP4800, the good folks at Motorola were not satisfied with realistic-sounding reproduction and powerful speakers. The Motorola DP4800’s speakers are enhanced with numerous filtering technologies to clarify audio even further, removing background noise and allowing the radio to be used in loud areas like loading docks or hotel kitchens.

This radio can also be easily integrated into large digital cells when combined with Motorola DR3000 repeaters. Truly the Motorola DP4800 is one of the best digital radios on offer.

Key features of the Motorola DP4800:

  • Excellent Sound Quality
    High-end audio at its finest. Look further down the page to see why the Motorola DP4800 is more precise, powerful, and simply better sounding than any other radio.
  • SMS, data transfer, Bluetooth
    The DP4800 offers the full functionality of a high-quality digital radio of the first class. In addition to its built-in features, there are numerous apps available to make the DP4800 practical in all sorts of novel applications. SMS and email enable discreet, silent communication, Bluetooth allows for easy use of wireless headsets or network monitoring, and transmission interruptions allow for emergency announcements.
  • Motorola DP4800 - bright in the daytime, discreet at night
    The large and easy-to-read display offers information on battery status, channel, dial-up, direct calls, and more. It also has an advanced day/night mode. It has great readability even in direct sunlight but won’t blind you on a dark night. Yes, it’s that impressive!
  • Compatible with VOIP Telephone systems
    With the DP4800, you get more than just a radio, you get a completely novel type of communication device – VOIP telephone technology is integrated by default.
  • 1000 Channels
    A huge number of channels, an easy-to-understand display, incredible audio – Radio-Rental.com recommends the DP4800 for productions of all sizes up to entire industrial complexes.
  • Intelligent Battery Management
    An impressive 16.2 hours in digital mode with a Li-Ion battery. No other Motorola radio lasts as long. This value was determined at 5/5/9- wireless behaviour (5% listening, 5% speaking, 90% standby). Depending on how you use it, the battery can last more or less time. Replacement batteries for the DP4800 can be rented for €1.50 / day (+VAT) and are always a good option.
  • Security
    The Motorola DP4800 has very effective built-in encryption, making your communication more secure.
  • The Motorola DP4800 - Technology at Military Standards
    Motorola has always been a leader in technology. The DP4800 has been certified to IP57 classification, rated 5 against dust and 7 against water (can be underwater for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water). Also fulfils the military standards of 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G.

The DP4800 has many more features integrated as options and is easily used with large, transnational DMR cells (Linked Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect). Job tickets are just as possible as finding the location via GPS (-> Motorola DP4801). Whatever you plan to do, we support you with excellent technology and first-class service.

Motorola itself recommends the DP4800 for the following uses – Radio-Rental.com and our customers can confirm.

  • All productions depend on excellent communication
    With the DP4800, we offer unbeatable audio quality even in the harshest environments. Racetrack, loading yard, freight yard, orchestra pit – with the DP4800 you can hear and be heard loud and clear.
  • Events
    With discrete communication by SMS, the DP4800 is just as effective as suppressing the background noise of a hotel kitchen.
  • Shopping Centres
  • As a Berlin-based company, we’re familiar with the challenges of operating a radio network within large, open areas. For shopping centres and open-air markets, we can recommend the DP4800 as the best of the best.
  • Industrial & Exhibition Centres
    We have used the Motorola DP4800 in numerous industrial complexes and exhibition halls at home and abroad. When used in conjunction with the Motorola DR3000 digital repeaters, areas of any size can be covered by the DP4800.
  • Construction sites
    BBI (we had to think for a long time about whether to use this reference) and numerous civil engineering projects have relied on the Motorola DP4800. This is due to its optimized durability engineering to IP57 standards, the long battery life, and last but not least, the intelligent audio management that takes care of background noises.
  • Large productions
    With over 100 channels, optional Dispatcher Software, and an informative display, the Motorola DP4800, in conjunction with IP Site Connect and/or Linked Capacity Plus, can be used to its full potential, highest level, and of course, in a huge space.

The audio quality isn’t considered “Best in Class” for nothing! In our opinion, it’s the best feature of the DP4800 and worth going into detail about:

  • Digital vs Analogue Radios
    The strength of digital radios in terms of voice quality is that quality doesn’t decrease with distance, as with traditional analogue radios (like the Motorola CP040). Clarity of speech is maintained at any distance within range.
  • Motorola DP4800 - (More) Intelligent Audio
    Disruptive vehicle and engine noise belong to intelligent audio systems of the past. The DP4800 filters them out, raises the volume in loud environments, suppresses unwanted noises, and is much louder and clearer than conventional analogue radios, with clear, natural voice reproduction.
  • The Motorola DP4800 AUDIO Algorithm
    The exact algorithm of the speech filtering mechanisms by which the DP4800 transmits voice over distance can be beat by no other device in its class. It’s certainly the best available on the market today. In addition, the Motorola DP4800 has highly effective error correction and reproduces the human voice so accurately it sounds like the person is right next to you.
  • Impress Headsets
    With Motorola Impress Headsets, the circle is complete. The is compatible with Impress accessories, immediately loading the appropriate profile and providing a Best in Class audio circuit.

In our opinion, the Motorola DP4800 is cutting-edge radio technology at its best and deserves full points in audio, battery usage, and functionality.

Of course, you can rent the Motorola DP4800 and program it with any function you like. Let us know how you plan to use the device and we can choose exactly the right radios for you.

If you want to cover large spaces like exhibition halls, stadiums, or industrial complexes, we can also support you with our proven expertise and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Do you know about the Radio-Rental.com Enterprise Service Package?

24/7 availability, overnight exchange, local technicians, guaranteed response within a set time, and much more is possible with Radio-Rental.com

Your local contact for large productions and the Motorola DP4800 is our technician:

Daniel Knappe, Events Technology Specialist, mail@Radio-Rental.com, +49 30 2938197-0

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