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Our headsets

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Motorola earbud headsetEarbud Headset
Covert communication – the headset of choice for security services (and not just them).
113 g *3,00 € **
Motorola Overhead boom headsetOverhead boom headset (light)
The light overhead boom headset, great wearing comfort and outstanding voice reproduction.
93 g *3,00 € **
Motorola overhead boom headset (medium)Overhead boom headset (medium)
Good wearing comfort and very good external noise shielding and of course a freely positionable mike – our overhead boom headset (medium).
126 g *3,00 € **
helicopter headsetHelicopter Headset
When it's really loud outside, listen and communicate without any problem with our heavy helicopter headset. Ideal for motor sport- & Rock `n’ Roll events.
502 g *3,00 € **
Motorola speaker microphoneSpeaker Microphone
Not a Motorola headset in the true sense, but still ideal for communicating at trade fairs and film productions: The Motorola speaker microphone.
164 g *3,00 € **
Headset with throat mic for Motorola two-way radiosHeadset with throat mic
Communicate like the FBI & CIA – voice capture directly from the throat at voice box level, with very good voice reproduction and great wearing comfort. At an ultra lightweight of 51 g the headset with throat mic is also the lightest complete headset we have on offer.
51 g *3,00 € **
Motorola earpieces, ideal for everyone who should hear radio traffic, but keep the wavelengths free (stage crew, scene shifters, etc.)
34 g *3,00 € **

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