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Motorola DP4401 ATEX

The Digital Motorola Radio Mototrbo DP4401 ATEX - Explosion-safe

19,00 €
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Motorola DP4401 ATEX ex - Explosion-safe Digital Radio (Mototrbo Series)

Motorola DP4401 Atex ex - push to talk

Motorola DP4401 Atex ex - Side view Accessory connectors

Motorola DP4401 ATEX Battery View

The Motorola DP4401 ATEX EX and its big brother, the Motorola DP4801 ATEX, are the Motorola DMR Mototrbo series’ explosion-safe radios. Both are ideal for use in explosion-hazard areas – for instance, chemical parks, production plants, and paint shops.

Key features of the DP4401 EX ATEX Radio at a glance:

  • Secure to use in most explosion-hazard areas
  • For instance, in refineries, paint shops, automobile factories, chemical parks, oil platforms, and mines. Please refer to the ATEX marking of the DP4401 EX ATEX and/or tell us how you plan to use the DP4401 ATEX EX radio.
  • Excellent voice quality
    The DP4401 EX ATEX doesn’t just set new standards for explosion safety – it also has excellent voice quality.
  • Ease of use
    The Motorola DP4401 ATEX EX is designed for heavy use in tough environments – so work gloves are no problem. It also has an orange button on the side that makes it possible to quickly and easily call for help. Volume and channel selection is carried out through a rotary switch on the front of the radio.
  • Extended battery life
    With a DP4401 EX ATEX Li-Ion battery, the radio can last up to 16 hours depending on usage (5% talk, 5% receive, 90% standby), nevertheless, we recommend having a ATEX spare battery handy at all times.
  • Robust engineering
  • All of our Motorola Radios are extremely durable – indeed, they were developed for use by the security forces and the military. The DP4401 ATEX EX is no exception, and exceeds the military standard MIL-STD-810 in terms of its exceptional longevity and explosion-safe design. Of course, it’s also dust- and water-resistant to IP67 Standards.

We rent out the Motorola DP4401 EX ATEX for the following uses:

  • Chemical parks and pipeworks
    The DP4401 EX ATEX is especially suited to chemical parks, pipeworks, and large construction sites because it can be coupled with a digital radio repeater (for instance the Motorola DR3000 cluster) to extend its coverage over a very large area.
  • Painting & Automobile manufacture
    The Motorola DP4401 EX ATEX is the most durable digital radio in our offering, and is functional in even the most toxic environments: paint fumes, chemicals, and oils are no problem for this radio!
  • Cruises and Shipping
    The Motorola DP4401 EX ATEX is an indispensable companion. Optimized for durability, it resists salt water and oil damage.
  • The ATEX marking (Gas, dust, mines) is the most important feature of the Motorola DP4401 ATEX EX radio.

The DP4401 EX ATEX radio adheres to the following safety and durability standards:

  • ATEX Gas Label DP4401 EX ATEX
    ATEX Class II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
    IECEx Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • ATEX Dust Label DP4401 EX ATEX
    ATEX: Class II 2D Ex ib IIIC T130 °C Db
    IECEx: Ex ib IIIC T130°C Db

In addition, the Motorola DP4401 ATEX EX also features complete mine marking, and is therefore an excellent and safe radio for use in mining purposes.

  • ATEX Mining Label DP4401 EX ATEX
    ATEX: Class I M2 Ex ib I Mb
    IECEx: Ex ib I Mb


When you rent the DP4401 ATEX EX Motorola radio with us, you get an excellent explosion-safe radio. With this, we also offer our Enterprise Service, which includes 24/7 availability, and depending on the configuration, support of a local technician within a set response time.

Our ATEX Service Package is for all processes in which radios (production, etc) are used for mission-critical operations.

Your contacts for ATEX productions in general and for the rental of Motorola DP4401 ATEX EX in particular are Oliver Hertjorn (sound engineer VDT) and Daniel Knappe (Event Technology Specialist). We will advise you on all aspects of the use of explosion-safe radios.



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