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Neck-worn headset TG H55c- Beyerdynamic Synexis

Keep both hands free for presentations and tours with the TG H55c neck-worn headset for our Beyerdynamic tour guide Synexis system.

5,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

The Beyerdynamic TG H55c is an ultralight neck-worn headset for our tour guide systems. Working with an appropriate transmitter (like the Synexis TP8 pocket transmitter), it allows you to guide tours and present with both hands free.

Factory tour guides and speakers with multimedia presentations appreciate the neck-worn headset for its discreet appearance – of special interest whenever the speaker is on streaming video or being projected onto a screen – and, of course, for its hands-free capability.

However, if other people will be speaking during the tour, a multi-channel tour guide system is recommended. For straightforward group tours, factory tours or other tour applications, even a simple handheld transmitter like the Synexis TH8 should be sufficient, because it can be passed from speaker to speaker.

Along those lines, we recommend the use of stationary transmitters like the Synexis TS8 for conference situations. This will also enable simultaneous interpretations. We'll be glad to rent you conference equipment that meets your needs.

Our clients use the TG H55c neck-worn headset for the following main applications:

  • Multimedia presentations (tour guide system)
  • Factory tours during which work products or machines may be demonstrated (tour guide system)
  • As a headset for voice transmission (conference equipment / tour guide system)

Features and tech specs for the TG H55c:

  • Ultralight and super-wearable
    You can hardly feel the TG H55c's neckband on your neck. The two earpiece hooks prevent slippage during a presentation.
    Weight: 16g
  • Powerful voice transmission & gooseneck microphone
    The microphone's spherical shape prevents the proximity effect, producing clear and natural-sounding speech. The microphone head is attached to an adjustable gooseneck, allowing the mic to be placed directly by the mouth. This is a great advantage when the tour guide system is used in noisy environments, like factory halls.
  • Tough
    The TG H55c clearly shows the rock 'n' roll world's influence on Beyerdynamic's tech. It's why the microphone itself is both sweatproof and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor tours and bad weather.

We're happy to provide the TG H55c in conjunction with one of our tour guide systems, or as a stand-alone microphone. Request a quote from us; it's quick and requires no commitment from you. E-mail us at mail@Radio-Rental.com, phone +49 30 29381970.

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