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Two-way Radio Shop

Rent first, and then buy? Or buy your two-way radios and then rent additional ones (at deep discounts) when the need arises? It's all possible at Radio-Rental.com.

We're still working on our radio-equipment web shop.We may even stock used/display models of the exact radios you want. It's always a good idea to check with us, and not just because of our superior know-how and reasonable prices.

Clients who purchase radios from us include global players in the automotive industry and numerous mid-sized firms as well. Smaller companies usually buy PMR two-way radios from us, and we offer these upon request too. But we specialise in the rental and sale of Motorola two-way radios that use the TETRA and DMR standards.

Want to buy professional two-way radios (DMR, TETRA or PMR) from us?

Our radio equipment shop offers you:

  • Radio equipment for sale, at unbeatable prices
  • Parts (motherboards, housings, sockets and plugs)
  • Two-way radio headsets
  • Batteries

Thanks to our extensive inventory, we frequently offer used Motorola two-way radios at very favourable prices, too.

Our advice, based on professional expertise and our experience working on small and huge productions since 1999, comes to you free of charge and without obligation, as part of the radio-equipment purchase process.

Just call +49 30 2938197-0 , send us an mail mail@Radio-Rental.com.

Here's how to buy the right two-way radios for your intended purpose from us. Please let us know...

  • ...for what type of project you want the radios;
  • ...if you have already purchased radios and/or already have your own frequencies;
  • ...whether you prefer a specific brand (e.g. Motorola two-way radios).
  • If you're looking to buy radio replacement parts, headsets or batteries, we'll need to know the type of radio, the firmware version and, for batteries, the power level you need or the amount of time the battery will need to power the radio.

We put radio-purchase quotes together within 24 hours, i.e. by the next working day at the latest. If you need a quote even quicker, please let us know.

Your Radio Equipment Shop Team

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