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Motorola GP380

The most all-inclusive Motorola two-way radio in the GP Series: the Motorola GP380.

12,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

The Motorola GP380 combines all the features of its little brother, the Motorola GP340, along with an informative display (great for large call groups) and a very broad selection of channels (over 255 radio channels available).

That's why our Motorola GP380s are rented mostly by large film productions and, above all, for temporary communication in industrial settings. The tremendous strengths of the Motorola GP380 are best demonstrated when the device is used in groups of 100+ people.

Features of the Motorola GP380:

  • Up to 255 channels in trunked-radio systems
    Bringing off big productions – and the biggest productions – is easy and manageable, because 255 available call groups make it possible to tackle almost any challenge, from the Olympic Games to factory construction/expansion.
  • Alphanumeric Display
    Without a display and caller ID, 255 channels would be tough to wrangle. Here you've got 14 characters to use, so every caller can be assigned a name. The display also lets you know how much power is left in the Motorola GP380's battery.
  • Terrific Range
    Our 255-channel GP380 and 1,000-channel Motorola SL4000 are channel-count champs, so we set up a range test to pit them against each other. With almost 20% greater range, the analogue Motorola GP380 bested the digital Motorola SL4000 radio. This advantage is offset, of course, when the SL4000 is used with digital repeaters, which is highly recommended.

Whisper Function, X-pand Technology, Private Line...

The Motorola GP380 has all of the functions found in the Motorola GP Professional Series; that's why it's the go-to radio for truly large-scale productions and big jobs. It's most noteworthy features, in our opinion, are...

  • Whisper Function
    Need to communicate discreetly (e.g. during a take on a film production)? It's a breeze with Motorola's whisper mode, included in the GP380. You speak softly, but your listener can still hear you clearly and distinctly.
  • Motorola's X-pand Technology
    This voice-enhancement technology, one of the reasons that Motorola two-way radios have achieved worldwide success, is built into the GP380 too.
  • Private Line and Selective Calling
    Using a trunked-radio setup and want to dial your party directly? Need to communicate discreetly? That's no problem for the Motorola GP380.
  • VOX Function
    You can activate the GP380 with your voice...an important feature, in our opinion, especially when your hands are too busy to operate a radio. Nearly all of the Motorola two-way radios you can rent from Radio-Rental.com feature the VOX function/voice-activation.
  • Lone Worker Protection (Man-Down Function)
    Don't underestimate the importance of this function, especially in silos or on the largest construction sites. The Motorola GP380 sends an emergency signal automatically if the radio's user doesn't react to a pre-set reply-request.
  • Call Forwarding
    In a meeting, and unavailable to talk? In cases like this, the GP380's call forwarding capability redirects incoming calls to another user in your call group.
  • Text Messages
    Quick communication using pre-set text messages: another benefit made possible by the radio's display.
  • Motorola GP380the trunked two-way radio
    Last, but not least, the Motorola GP380 also works well as a trunked radio, in appropriate surroundings. You'll need the Smart-Trunk II Card to take advantage of this feature, and you can rent the card from us as an option. If you want to use the Motorola GP380 as a trunked radio, please let us know when you inquire.

Motorola GP380 Main Applications:

  • Industry and Temporary Communications
    The Motorola GP380 is especially popular for use during the expansion of manufacturing facilities and large industrial plants.
  • Construction Sites
    Structural and civil-engineering firms prefer this two-way radio for the GP380's renowned ruggedness, combined with its broad selection of channels.
  • Super-sized Events and Film Productions
    The Olympic Games... the World Cup... parades of all kinds: as a trunked two-way radio, the Motorola GP380 can handle events of almost any size.

Please note that the activation of some of the above-mentioned functions requires programming, so when you contact us, please let us know which functions you are planning to use. We'll be glad to advise you regarding the best Motorola two-way radio for your application... and our advice comes free of charge and with no obligation.

Want to rent the Motorola GP380? Interested in our economical rental rates?

We'll be happy to assist you! Contact us by phone at +49 30 29381970, toll-free at 0800/1188440, or by e-mail at mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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