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Motorola DP4801

Motorola DP4801 - Enterprise-class digital Radio

21,00 €
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The Motorola DP4801 is the company’s latest digital flagship, and if you’ve been following the press coverage, you’d know that the reaction has been unanimously positive. High-end audio, hybrid capabilities (analog or digital), excellent reception, and intelligent battery management are just some of the many advanced features boasted by the DP4801.

The radio’s slightly smaller brother – the Motorola DP 4800 – is surpassed by the DP4801’s fully-integrated GPS system, allowing the DP4801 to be used in GPS-assisted dispatching systems such as TRBOnet or our own alternative.

Top Features of the Motorola DP4801

  • GPS
  • Full keyboard
  • Large display
  • Extended range
  • Intelligent audio system
  • Even more intelligent battery management
  • Link Capacity Plus compatible (LCP)
  • Heavy-duty design

Usage examples for Motorola DP4801

  • Large events
  • Loud environments
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Large and Extra large-scale radio cells (e.g. whole cities)

Technical Details of the Motorola DP4801

  • Channels: 1000
  • Weight:
  • Battery life:
  • Display
  • Keyboard: voll
  • Frequency Band: UHF

We offer the UHF version of the Motorola DP4801 for rent. Of course, you can also buy the DP4801 with us as a digital VHF radio. Just call +49 30 2938197-0 , or send us an email at mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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