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Motorola GP644

Small. Easy to handle; can also be used in MPT trunked radio systems: The Motorola GP644

6,90 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

The Motorola GP644 is the twin sister of the GP344, and combines all the elements of this small, highly-functional two-way radio, with MPT trunked radio technology. We will gladly deploy it in combination with the GP344 for discrete communication in the following areas:

  • Undercover security operations and surveillance
  • Evening events
  • Building communication
  • Anywhere the two-way radio should go unnoticed, where light weight and discrete
    communication are important.

The essential features of the Motorola GP644:

  • Ultra-light: 250 g incl. slim Li-ion battery
  • Very easy to handle: 101.5 x 55.5 x 30.5 mm
    (approx. incl. slim battery, without switches)
  • 16-channel, frequency range UHF 1 (403 - 470 MHR)
  • Outstanding carrying comfort
  • Very good voice recognition
  • Robust and compact design

Just like its sister, the GP344, we deliver the Motorola GP644 incl.:

  • Belt adapter or leather holster
  • Pre-charged battery
  • Programmed on frequencies allotted to us by the Federal Network Agency
    (included in rental price)
  • Transport box

The GP644 is a fine little two-way radio, and highly functional as well. The outstanding Motorola technology and the well-thought-out functions have made it one of the top walkie-talkies, and it is also very simple to use.

As of now, you can rent the Motorola GP644 very easily from us

We will gladly make you an instant quote; just call +49 30 2938197-0 , send us an mail mail@Radio-Rental.com.

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