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Motorola DM3400

The base station from the Motorola: DM3400

10,00 €
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The Motorola DM3400 is the simplest digital base station in Radio-Rental.com's rental range. Its super-strong basic equipment – 32 channels, a large display and IMPRES audio functions – make it a great choice for use in small or medium-sized call groups.

Like its big sisters, the enterprise-class DM4400 and DM4600, the Motorola DM3400 has been branded with Motorola's "Mototrbo" designation. Mototrbo (which stands for "Motorola turbo") is Motorola's high-end DMR (digital radio) division.

Motorola DM3400 features at a glance:

  • Hybrid two-way radio
    The Motorola DM3400 is a so-called hybrid radio, so it can be used in an analogue radio environment (e.g. with the Motorola CP040), as well as in large DMR cells (in conjunction with the Motorola DR3000). We'll be glad to advise you about the various ways you can use the device...and our advice comes free of charge and without obligation.
  • 32 Channels
    The Mototrbo DM3400 offers 32 channels - perfectly adequate for most smaller productions. You can change channels quickly and easily by using the channel-selection buttons on the front of the radio.
  • Bright LED Display
    Featuring large characters, the bright, easy-to-read LED display helps make the DM3400 the perfect two-way radio for FOH use (at the mixing console) and for directors.
  • Loud, Heavy-Duty Speaker
    Unlike the Motorola DM4400 and DM4600, the DM3400 doesn't feature intelligent audio functions and ambient-noise filtering - so Motorola has provided the device with a super-strong speaker instead. Even without intelligent audio, the DM3400's volume should be sufficient for use in a mobile production truck or at events.
  • Easy to Use
    The DM3400 has channel-selection buttons, a PTT button, a volume control knob and some programmable buttons. What it doesn't have many frills. So, it's really easy to use: Just switch it on, select your channel, adjust the volume, and you're on the air.

Radio-Rental.com's Motorola DM3400 package includes...

  • Speaker-Microphone
  • Magnet-Mount Antenna
  • 220V Adapter
  • Optional: Long, low-loss antenna cable
  • Optional: Uninterruptible power supply
  • Optional: +3dB gain antennas
  • Optional: +3dB indoor antenna

The Motorola DM3400 is a very good base station, and it’s also suitable for in-vehicle use. If you'd like to use the DM3400 as an in-vehicle two-way radio, please let us know when you inquire, so that we can outfit it appropriately (12V connector cable, etc.).

At Radio-Rental.com, it's easy to rent the DM3400 at a great rate.

When you rent digital two-way radios (including the DM3400) with Radio-Rental.com, you get an unbeatable value that includes free delivery and our 24/7 support. We look forward to receiving your rental request by phone at +49 30 29381970, by e-mail mail@Radio-Rental.com . We look forward to your inquiry! Should you have further questions about the Motorola DM3400 or any of our other Motorola two-way radios, we'll be very glad to advise you.

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