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GP344 Battery

Small, lightweight and strong: the Motorola GP344 battery.

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The small, lightweight Motorola GP344 was specifically designed for the Motorola GP344, but can also power the Motorola GP644. Like the Motorola GP344 itself, the GP344 battery is small and lightweight, but still a classic piece of Motorola equipment, boasting super-solid technology.

Our Motorola GP344 two-way radio package includes a pre-charged, long-life lithium-ion battery. If you're planning to use a radio for 6 - 10 hours without access to a charger, it's a good idea to rent additional batteries.

Features of the GP344 battery:

  • Ultralight: about 81g
  • Compatible with the GP344 and GP644
  • Lithium-iron core with "memory effect" prevention

When GP344 batteries from Radio-Rental.com reach you...

  • ...they're fully charged – if possible, though, you should recharge them when you receive them (especially when it's cold outside)
  • ...they've undergone regular check-ups, and have been tested in our CADEX battery-test system before shipping
  • ...they've been cleaned and disinfected.

Of course, the Radio-Rental.com team will also be thrilled to get your call at 0800.11.88.44 or +49 30 29381970, or your e-mail at mail@Radio-Rental.com


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