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The rock 'n' roller- Motorola GP300Motorola GP300
The rock'n'roller of our Motorola two-way radios. Strong. Reliable. Reasonably-priced: The Motorola GP300 – full performance on 16 channels
A very good professional two-way radio (no PMR), naturally delivered freshly serviced and incl. battery and charging station.
16510 g *5,00 € **
The Motorola CP040 at Radio-Rental.comMotorola CP040
Our budget-priced Motorola two-way radio. Motorola CP040, 4-channel UHF professional radio, considerably more secure against interspersion and interception than the PMR standard, Incl. lithium-ion battery pack without memory effect, quick charging, Incl. single charger, 6-fold charger
4376 g *5,90 € **
Motorola GP344Motorola GP344
The Motorola GP344 is the smallest Motorola two-way radio that we have on offer, and is ideal for discrete communication in the security sector or at evening events. Included in the rental price are lithium ion battery and programming on the private mobile frequencies reserved for us.
16250 g *6,90 € **
Motorola GP644Motorola GP644
Small. Light. Discrete: The Motorola GP644 – ideal for security operations and evening events. Delivery incl. professional radio frequencies, Li ion battery and single or 6-fold charging station.
16250 g *6,90 € **
Motorola DP1400Motorola DP1400
The Motorola DP1400 - Anyone who knows and appreciates the CP040 will love this simple hybrid (digital/analog) radio. Functional, robust, and with great sound quality and range.
4376 g *6,90 € **
Ultralight Digital Radio- Motorola DP3441Motorola DP3441
The Motorola DP3441 is the smallest and lightest radio out of the DP series. The hybrid technology allows it to be used with other analog or digital radios.
32254 g *7,50 € **
Motorola GP340 at Radio-Rental.comMotorola GP340
The all-rounder of our Motorola two-way radios. Tested a million times and extremely popular at film and event productions: The Motorola GP340.
The GP340 is also a professional two-way radio with protected frequencies and we naturally deliver it incl. lithium ion battery and single or 6-fold charging station.
16350 g *8,00 € **
Rent Motorola CP140 at Radio-Rental.comMotorola CP140
Robust and productions-suited pro 16 channel hand-held two-way radio. Best suited for communication within large teams. Professional radio – no public PMR system: protected against interspersion and interception, Incl. lithium-ion battery pack without memory effect, quick charging, Incl. charger, single or 6-fold charger
16377 g *8,90 € **
Motorola GP3688Motorola GP3688
Motorola GP3688, a professional 16-channel two-way radio, with very low energy consumption. Included in the delivery is the GP3688 battery with which you can operate the two-way radio for up to 14 hours. Proven Motorola technology and weather-proof housing, make the Motorola GP3688 the preferred two-way radio for outdoor use.
16379 g *8,90 € **
Motorola DP3400
Motorola DP3400 - the profession digital two-way radio from Motorola. Comprehensive voice reproduction, long battery life, combinable with analogue two-way radios – the Motorola DP3400 digital two-way radio is an absolute all-rounder.
16400 g *12,00 € **
digital two-way radio-Motorola SL4000Motorola SL4000
The Motorola SL4000 is the latest in digital two-way radios. Small, light; outstanding speech quality; ideal for use as a two-way radio in industrial settings, at evening events and in the security sector.
1000153 g *12,50 € **
Motorola DP4400
The Motorola DP4400 - Functional, robust, and with great sound quality and range.
32300 g *13,00 € **
Motorola DP4600 Mototrbo RadioMotorola DP4600
The Motorola DP4600 from the Mototrbo Series is a high-end digital radio (DMR). With 1000 channels, an extremely long range, it is one of our most popular radios.
1000355 g *14,00 € **
Small desktop unit- Motorola DM3601Motorola DM3601
Mototrbo DM3601- Motorola Desktop Station GPS
10001800 g *15,00 € **
Motorola DP4600e (Mototrbo)Motorola DP4600e
Motorola DP4600e including 1650 mAh IMPRES™ battery, clip and antenna (high-end UHF two-way radio with up to 1,000 channels, outstanding speech quality and intelligent battery management).
1000405 g *15,50 € **
Motorola DP4401 ATEX ex - Explosion-safe Digital Radio (Mototrbo Series)Motorola DP4401 ATEX
The DP4401 ATEX is an easy to use, explosion-safe digital radio from the Motorola DMR series "Mototrbo." It is the most heavy-duty radio we offer and offers excellent voice quality, ease of use, a long battery life, and extensive explosion safety features (ATEX).
1000500 g *19,00 € **
Digital Radio- The Motorola DP4800Motorola DP4800
The Motorola DP4800 - unbeatable AUDIO quality and numerous features place the Motorola DP4800 firmly in the top tier of the radios we offer for rent. We absolutely recommend this radio for all critical communication processes, for example, in industrial applications where reliable communication is indispensable. With its IP57 classification and intelligent audio function that filters out unwanted noise, the DP4800 is excellent for loud environments like construction sites, race tracks, or airports.
1000356 g *20,00 € **
Motorola DP4801 Mototrbo RadioMotorola DP4801
Best of the best - Motorola DP4801 - an Enterprise-class digital radio
1000400 g *21,00 € **
Motorola DP4800e
The latest flagship radio from Motorola. Offers the broadest functionality in the MotoTRBO Series, including optional WLAN, ultra-intelligent battery management, and digital, natural speech transmission. The high-end two-way radio for big jobs...and for huge jobs.
1000405 g *21,50 € **
Motorola DP4801 digital ATEX explosion-safe radioMotorola DP4801 ATEX
The high-end digital radio with explosion-safe technology, display, and best audio in its class. With the DP4801, Motorola sets new standards for explosion-safe radios
1000510 g *22,00 € **
Desktop radio- Motorola DM4600Motorola DM4600
The Motorola DM4600 - the best desktop radio from the Motorola Mototrbo series. Absolute high end, with maximum 1,000 channels and outstanding speech intelligibility.
10001800 g *24,00 € **

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