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Mototrbo- Logo

We spent a relatively long time wondering what "Mototrbo" could stand for. After several glasses of wine, beer and various non-alcoholic beverages...at night...in a bar...in Berlin...it dawned on us:

Mototrbo stands for MotoTURBO, and Motorola has gathered the latest devices in its DMR lineup (the DP, DR and SL series) under this sub-brand.

All series that feature the Motorola Mototrbo label are 100% Motorola two-way radios; they all benefit from Motorola's legendarily solid workmanship and unbeatable audio quality, now rated "Best in Class" (examples: the Mototrbo SL4000 and the Mototrbo DP4800).

At this point, I'd like to make special mention of the Mototrbo DR3000 repeater, which, in my opinion, is Mototrbo's most stellar product. Thanks to Motorola's high-end Linked Capacity Plus software (which enables the networking of several repeaters to a DMR cell), DMR is now a cost-effective alternative to a TETRA cell.

Confused? We are too. So, let's get back to Motorola two-way radios.

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