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Motorola GP344

Our smallest 16-channel two-way radio: The Motorola GP344

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Motorola GP344

Technical Datas Motorola GP344

Manual Motorola GP344

Motorola GP344 Two Way Radio Rental

16-channel GP344 Motorola two-way radio

The Motorola GP344 is the smallest two-way radio from the Motorola professional line, on offer from our radio rental. Just like its big sister, the Motorola GP340, the GP344 is an all-round two-way radio from Motorola, and, because of its small dimensions and light weight it is also ideal for discrete deployments, e.g., in the security sector.

The Motorola GP344 is therefore very popular with customers from the following sectors:

  • Security services
  • Catering
  • Event management
    (ideal for hidden use even at evening events)
  • Building communication
    (the GP344 is very light and so good for constant carrying)
  • Film productions

The Motorola GP344s excellent features:

  • Ultra-light: 250 g incl. Li ion slim battery
  • Very small (length/width/depth without switches, antenna): 101.5mm x 55.5mm x 35.5mm (incl. Li ion battery)
  • 16 channels
  • Whisper mode for discrete communication
  • Emergency call function and private line
  • Excellent voice reproduction delivers the Motorola GP344 freshly serviced and disinfected, incl. the following accessories:

  • Antenna
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Belt clip
  • Single charger cradle or 6-fold charger (depending on the number of rented GP344s)
  • Transport box

Ideal for use in all kinds of discrete productions, the two-way radio Motorola GP344, combined with, e.g. an Earbud Headset, is the most discrete communication solution that we have on offer. In whisper mode even very quiet conversations are transmitted clearly by radio. Excellent communication can therefore be guaranteed at evening events, undercover security operations, or when the cameras are rolling on a film set.

It’s very easy to rent the Motorola GP340 two-way radio at a great price from us

We will make you an instant non-binding quote after your telephone or E-mail enquiry. Naturally you can also rent the GP344 online from, by using our Quote-tool, entering the number required, and clicking "Continue". After 3 simple steps we will make you an instant offer – also gladly incl. our interesting long-term discounts.

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