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Motorola DP3400

DP3400 - Digital two-way radios by Motorola

12,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

The Motorola DP3400 is the all-rounder of the digital two-way radios(z.B. Motorola DP4400 or Motorola DP3441) in our rental park. Besides the high-level performance in digital mode, it also integrates excellently into an analogue radio environment, and can, therefore, be operated with all the two-way radios in our selection (-> Two-way radios).

32 channels, very precise voice quality, and, last but not least, Motorola technology – equipped to the highest standards – make the Motorola DP3400 an excellent digital two-way radio with maximum all-round capabilities.

Application areas of Motorola DP3400:

  • Large and very large events (indoor and outdoor - ideal in combined use within radio cells)
  • Communication in stadiums and big halls
  • Trade fair venues
  • Facility management
  • Security in large buildings

The features of the Motorola DP3400:

  • Digital two-way radio
  • 16/32 channels
  • Precise voice quality through digital signal transmission
  • Robust Motorola technology (wind and dustproof, protected against splashing water)
  • Very long battery life thanks to DP3400 battery technology
  • Emergency call button, and much more.

Radio-Rental.com delivers the Motorola DP 3400 incl.:

  • Motorola DP3400 lithium ion battery
  • Antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Single or 6-fold charger

The Motorola DP 3400 digital two-way radio is a highly professional hand-held radio, and we are delighted that it is now available to our customers and partners at great value and with our proven Radio-Rental.com service (24h hotline, next day guarantee etc.).

Would you like to rent the DP3400 incl. accessories?

We will gladly make you an instant rental quote for the DP3400 incl. accessories and our very interesting long-term and scaled discounts. Contact us by phone at  +49 30 2938197-0, or by E-mail (mail@Radio-Rental.com).

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