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Motorola MTP850 S

The Motorola MTP850 S: the "next step" in TETRA radio.

18,00 €
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The Motorola MTP850 S represents a logical evolution from its little brother, the standard TETRA two-way radio Motorola MTP850, and is the bridge to the upscale benchmark device, the Motorola MTP3250, the acme in TETRA radio.

Like all of our TETRA two-way radios, we'd be happy to rent to you, the Motorola MTP850 S requires a TETRA cell in order to operate appropriately. You can rent TETRA cells for temporary use or for permanent installation from us too, of course.

If you're looking to operate your radios "back-to-back" (i.e. direct contact between two-way radios) or, if no TETRA cell is even available, a DMR (digital radio) system (e.g. a combined use of Motorola DP4800 two-way radios with a digital radio cell (Motorola DR3000)) may be the better and more cost-effective solution. Give us a call! We'll be happy to advise you.

The Motorola MTP850 S is an upper-mid-range TETRA two-way radio. Only the Motorola MTP3250 surpasses it in terms of the range of features offered.

In addition to the standard version, you can also rent the following variations of the Motorola MTP850 TETRA two-way radio from us:

  • MTP850
    Radio-Rental.com's basic TETRA two-way radio. Millions have been sold. Next to the MTP850 S, it's our most popular TETRA two-way radio. 
  • MTP850Ex
    The Motorola MTP850Ex as an explosion-protected radio. It's a full-featured ATEX two-way radio, suitable for use in nearly all potentially explosive environments.
    (-> MTP850Ex)

Functions of the Motorola MTP850 S at a glance:
Please note that, as with all of our Motorola two-way radios, certain functions of the MTP850 S are programmed by request only. So, when making inquiries, please let us know which functions you want to access.

  • Long range
    With its strong 1.8 watts of transmission power combined with a built-in DMO repeater, the MTP850 S boasts reception-sensitivity substantially greater than that of the MTP850. When used with appropriate TETRA cells (-> Motorola TETRA cell), the MTP850 S can cover very large areas...even industrial complexes or entire towns.
  • Very secure communication
    Given optimal participant-management within the TETRA cell, the MTP850 S is a very secure TETRA two-way radio; it can even be used for exchanging sensitive data. It's our understanding that the MTP850 S has both air-interface encryption (i.e. MTP850 S -> "airwaves") as well as a highly advanced radio-to-radio encryption protocol (aka end-to-end encryption). Both are based on the BSI standard.
  • Very user-friendly... and tough
    The Motorola MTP850 S has a good-sized keypad and a large 130 x 130-pixel display, illuminated for night-time use, so it's really easy to operate. The TETRA two-way radio's most important info (e.g. battery reserves, etc.) is always available.

Want to rent the Motorola MTP850 S as a stand-alone device?

Our values are unbeatable, and we'll be happy to put together a quote just for you, quickly and without obligation. You can request by phone +493029381970 or by e-mail (mail@Radio-Rental.com).

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