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Radio-Rental.com: Your Motorola Platinum Partner

Motorola Platinum Partner Certificates of Spreenauten GmbH

Looking for a fully accredited Motorola Platinum Partner?

Spreenauten GmbH is both a Radio Channel Partner and a Motorola Application Development Partner. As of 2018, we enjoy "Motorola Platinum Partner" status too.

As a Motorola partner, we get direct access to extensive know-how and the development of new Motorola two-way radios, and we've demonstrated our expertise on numerous major projects in the areas of DMR and TETRA.

Of course, as a Motorola partner, we're also featured on the Motorola Solutions Partner web pages:

Advantages of Working with a Motorola Partner:

  • Deep knowledge of Motorola two-way radios
    In addition to our sales program, we've been renting Motorola two-way radios and radio infrastructure (cells, antenna technology, repeaters (->Motorola SLR5000, Motorola DR3000)) since 1999. This has given us a broad and deep understanding of Motorola's radio technology. We've also been very successful in furnishing Motorola technology to numerous logistics facilities, factory sites, shopping centres and more throughout Germany and Europe.
  • Ongoing Motorola Partner training
    Motorola provides members of the Motorola Partner Network with continuing education, which we consider mandatory. So, our employees are always up to date on the latest Motorola radio tech...just as Motorola Partners like us should be.
  • Access to the Motorola Partner network's terrific terms and prices
    As Motorola Partners, we naturally have access to Motorola's extensive line of products, with very favourable terms - and we gladly pass those savings on to our clients and business partners.

Radio-Rental.com is your Motorola Partner in Berlin. We are happy to assist you in the planning, implementation and daily use of Motorola radio technology and two-way radios. As Motorola Radio Channel Partners, we not only offer rentals, sales and repairs of Motorola two-way radios, but complete DMR system management as well.

From our Berlin (Friedrichshain) headquarters, we oversee installations and temporary deployments of radio equipment throughout Europe and worldwide. We're already looking forward to hearing from you.

Here's how to reach your Motorola Partner in Berlin:

Radio-Rental.com - Spreenauten GmbH
Meeraner Str. 11b
12681 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 29381970
Fax:  +49 30 2938197 29
E-mail: mail@Radio-Rental.com

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