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Headset with throat mic

The ultimate headset for security services etc.: The headset with throat mic

3,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

A headset with throat mic is the non-plus ultra for the security sector. Originally developed for the American secret service, the CIA, it has been on the German market for 10 years. The advantage over the traditional earbud headsets is that the voice can be directly captured outside the throat (at voice box level) from the voice box vibrations. This enables very good voice reproduction even in the case of loud external noise. On top of this, that conspicuous hand to mouth movement when the microphone is fastened to the sleeve (like with earbud headsets) is no longer an issue.

Disadvantage: slightly lower voice quality compared to the traditional earbud headset with normal microphone.

Application area of headset with throat mic:

  • The headset with throat mic was especially conceived for the security sector
    and is preferably used in this area
  • Discrete communication at events

Headset with throat mic features:

  • Absolutely inconspicuous
  • Very good voice reproduction even in loud environments through
    double-sided voice capture direct from sides of throat at voice box level
  • Very good wearing comfort
  • Transparent acoustic tube (air tube) with plug in the ear

As with the normal earbud headset, Radio-Rental.com disinfects and tests the headset with throat mic before and after every use. The headsets with throat mic are packed individually in protective packaging before dispatch.

You would like to rent headsets with throat mic and Motorola two-way radios from us?

Our service team looks forward to your call and/or E-mail. As of now, we are also offering an easy and quick way to do the quoting process on-line by entering the required number of throat mic headsets and clicking "Continue". In the subsequent steps you just enter the type of Motorola two-way radio, the rental time span, and delivery address etc., and then receive a quotation.

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