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Motorola DR3000 Repeater

The Motorola DR3000 repeater is the radio range champion, and not just because of "Link Capacity Plus".

85,00 €
additionally tax & shipping / Rate per day

The Motorola DR3000 repeater is a premium, best-in-class radio repeater, useful for almost any production in which large areas have to be covered by analogue or digital radio. To avoid misunderstandings: The DR3000 is a part of the Motorola DMR series "Mototrbo" (standing for "Motorola Turbo"). Its proper name, therefore, is actually "Mototrbo DR3000"... but this repeater is 100% Motorola.

The Motorola DR3000's hybrid function allows it to play well with digital two-way radios (e.g. the Motorola SL4000), as well as with our other Motorola two-way radios, transmitting its signal even over long distances.

Every system comes with the "Linked Capacity Plus" option enabled, putting 100% of the Motorola DR3000's might at your command. It's quick and easy to set up a repeater cell, cascading multiple repeaters at one location. And that's just one of the many possibilities, given the right programming.

The Motorola DR3000 is exceptionally well suited to handle the following conditions:

  • Exhibition Halls
    Covering exhibition halls with radio tech is a piece of cake for the DR3000. Simply set up your DR3000, connect the antenna (a standard magnet-mount antenna is perfectly fine for a ground-floor hall), and you're all set. If the DR3000 is to be set up in a trade-show booth, simply switch the device to "Silent Mode", and even the whoosh of the fan will be barely audible.
    Using Motorola DR3000 repeaters at almost every major exhibition site in Germany, and around the world, has earned us a wealth of experience in dealing with ground conditions. So, if you're planning to use a radio repeater at an exhibition or trade show, we'll be glad to offer our advice – free of charge, and without obligation, of course.
  • Stadiums
    Picture the Berlin Olympiastadion, the Allianz Arena or London's Wembley Stadium. Due to their size and the high reflectivity of the stands (which usually form an oval around the playing area), stadiums can only be covered using repeaters or TETRA cells. Here, too, the Motorola DR3000 really shines – especially when used with digital two-way radios.
    In most cases, the fundamental challenge for radio communication in stadiums is to connect the radios inside the stadium (e.g. ushers, security guards, etc.) with those outside the stadium (e.g. at the admissions gates). In digital-radio mode, the Motorola DR3000 can easily connect with other DR3000 repeaters by radio or, when radio connection is impossible, by GSM or over a network. It's Motorola's "Linked Capacity Plus" firmware that makes it all possible. We've upgraded all of our DR3000s with this tool. The only thing that beats it is "Connect Plus", an enterprise solution which we are happy to provide upon request. Superb radio coverage can be achieved by using "Linked Capacity Plus" to connect two repeater clusters: one inside the stadium, the other closer to the outdoor area.
  • Factory Buildings and Halls
    We've been providing factory communication setups for industrial facilities of all sizes for over 15 years. For the past 3 years, we've offered a DMR option in addition to large (and costly) TETRA solutions. The "IP Site Connect" function is an especially valuable tool, allowing the networking of multiple shop floors, even across sites and internationally. Using this function (and, in more complex setups, Linked Capacity Plus), the DR3000 can connect with other locations via a network or the Internet, ensuring radio communication between them. The DR3000's digital radio technology (DMR) enables full implementation of sophisticated tech like dial-in to off-site repeater systems without changing channels, as well as smart (and budget-friendly) spectrum management, previously the domain of significantly pricier TETRA cells.
    Our DR3000s are currently used at two leading chemical parks, and by multiple global players and mid-sized companies in Germany and Europe. References are available upon request.
  • Shopping Centres
  • Festivals

Features of our Motorola (Mototrbo) DR3000 repeater at a glance:

  • Transmission Power
  • High Reception Sensitivity
  • Hybrid System (Analog / Digital)
  • Easy to Use
  • Cascading
  • IP Site Connect
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Remote Maintenance
  • GSM Integration
  • Silent Mode
  • Built-In Duplexer
  • Optional: Uninterruptible Power Supply

Recommended accessories & two-way radios for the Motorola DR3000 repeater:

  • Motorola digital two-way radios (DMR)
    DP3400, DP4400, DP4600, SL4000
  • +3dB gain antenna
  • Radio mast
  • Low-attenuation antenna cable

Renting the Motorola DR3000

Renting the Motorola DR3000 from Radio-Rental.com is quick and easy, and our terms are excellent. Please note: Depending on the location of use, the fee for a repeater frequency (duplex) may be added to the rental price. In Germany, this usually comes to about €130 for a maximum of 30 days. DR3000 repeaters that are rented from us can be picked up at our warehouse in Berlin or sent in a shock-proof case via TNT or (within Berlin) by bicycle courier. We'll also arrange to collect the DR3000 when you've finished using it. Of course, for larger productions that include the services of our radio technicians, we'll be glad to deliver the device ourselves.

If you'd like to rent the Motorola DR3000, e-mail us now (mail@Radio-Rental.com) or call us +4930 29381970

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