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Motorola DP4400

The digital radio DP4400 from Motorola's "Mototrbo" Series

13,00 €
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The Motorola (Motorola Mototrbo = Turbo) DMR radio DP4400 is the smaller and displayless brother of the Motorola DP4600, and a counterpart to the Motorola SL4000 and the High-End-Repeater DR300 in Motorola’s DMR series “Mototrbo.”

Like its big brother, the DP4400 is a real all-rounder, combining the highest voice quality with easy operation and the most robust wireless technology. Indeed, in terms of the features list, the Motorola DP4400 comes second only to the DP4600, due to its display-less design and offering only 32 channels (rather than 1000).

Key features of the Motorola DP4400 at a glance:

  • Digital Radio
  • The Motorola DP4400 is part of the Motorola Mototrbo Series, which offers DMR radio technology (digital radio) at its best.
  • Excellent voice quality
  • All-digital signal transmission means crystal-clear voice quality – quality so high that it earned the Mototrbo digital radios the “Best in Class” award for voice quality. Rounding this out is the radio’s intelligent background noise suppression software, which effectively filters out background noise, enabling you to communicate easily in noisy environments (construction sites, concerts, etc).
  • Long range
  • In High-Level mode, the Motorola DP4400 transmits at 4 watts, matching our “range champion,” the Motorola CP040. Depending on the environment, communication can take place at distances of up to 6km. In cases where you need to transmit over even more distance, we recommend the use of one or more Motorola DP4400 Digital Repeaters. These devices enable problem-free usage of digital radios at large and expansive events like festivals, fairgrounds, or downtown areas. Get in touch if you think you might need such a device – we’re happy to advise you, free of charge.
  • 32 Channels
    Like its little sister, the Motorola DP3400, the Motorola DP4400 offers 32 programmable channels. Due to its displayless design, however, only 16 channels are comfortably useable – as with the DP3400. For direct calls or large productions, a wireless device with a full keyboard (such as the Motorola SL4000 or DP4800) is recommended.
  • Ergonomic design
  • The Motorola DP4400 is the next-generation version of the Motorola DP3400. The most striking difference, compared to its predecessor, is its considerably slimmer design – adapted perfectly to the human hand.

So, there you have it: the Motorola DP4400 is a very all-rounded phone. Due to the displayless-design, it might not be ideal for larger productions (recommended instead is one of Motorola’s flagship models, such as the SL4000 or DP4800), but in uses where speech intelligibility is paramount,and only 16 channels are needed, it shines.

We rent out the DP4400 for the following uses:

  • Security operations
  • Due to the DP4400 high transmission quality, accurate voice reproduction, and excellent range make the Motorola DP4400 well suited for security-related uses. Of course, the compatible Motorola DP4000 earpieces are also available for rent.
  • Construction sites
    Sturdy Motorola engineering and crystal-clear voice transmission aren’t just for truck drivers anymore! The Motorola DP4400 is a valued guest at every construction site.
  • Rock and Roll
    What’s goes at construction sites goes double at rock concerts–on stage and off! The big PTT button is usable even while wearing gloves, and if it gets knocked out of your hand? Rock on! The durable design can handle it. All this and more with the Motorola DP4400!
  • Industry Events
    For event agencies and caterers, the Motorola DP4400 is in high demand – topped only by the lightweight Motorola SL4000.

The Radio-Rental.com team is ready to discuss your event and help you find the radio that works best for you.

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