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Radio Equipment for Security Services

"Smaller, lighter, more discreet...but as loud and rugged as possible." That's how our clients in security service, airport security and the detective businesses summarise their requirements for our Motorola two-way radios.
The security-service sector (including door attendants, bodyguards, and so on) represents one of our largest client bases, alongside film production and manufacturing. We partner with numerous security service providers, so we know exactly which two-way radios are best for use at the door, which are most suitable for bodyguards, and which are ideal for covert investigations (e.g. team communication), and we'll be happy to advise you on these topics. Our extensive Radio-Rental.com inventory provides us with all the options we need to be able to respond to your requests – even short-notice special requests (like for Bluetooth headsets, data-transmission capability, etc.) – quickly and with professional equipment.
Here are some examples of how two-way radios are used every day in the security sector:

Two-way radios for event security and door attendants/bouncers
The city of Berlin boasts an abundance of clubs, and businesses in the club scene (like the legendary Tresor-Club) rent our two-way radios and headsets frequently. We unhesitatingly recommend the Motorola CP040 for this application.

Motorola CP040: The classic two-way radio for security services, including door- and event security
The Motorola CP040 is one of the most popular two-way radios in the security industry. The CP040's superior toughness (surpassed only by that of the Motorola GP300, perhaps) and its grounding in Motorola's military know-how make this THE two-way radio for solid support at the door or inside the club.

  • 4 channels
  • Tough exterior
  • Wide range of accessories (throat-mic headsets, covert headsets, etc.)
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Superb value

Upon request, we'll deliver our Motorola CP040 with a strong 2,300 mAh Li-ion battery, providing uninterrupted power all night long, depending on the intensity of use.

In addition to standard security headsets (air-tube, in-ear), we also rent a throat-mic headset for our Motorola CP040. The throat-mic headset picks up vocal vibrations directly from the larynx, making it ideally suited for use in the loudest of environments (like the interior of a club). On top of that, guests who are turned away at the door sometimes try to grab the bouncer's collar (or at least try to) – and that's just where a headset/microphone is usually located. Worst-case scenario: radio communication could be interrupted. Using a throat-mic headset almost completely precludes this kind of malfunction – another reason why the device is so popular with security people and door attendants.

Motorola DP3400: The high-performance analogue/digital two-way radio for property protection and facilities management

When you need dependable high-quality audio, and when – as is often the case in property protection – many team-members are connected (facility managers, large-event security personnel, reception, parking staff, etc.), the Motorola DP3400 class is the right choice. These devices combine digital signal transmission with 32 channels, superior rain- and splash-protection and, thanks to Motorola's new power-management technology, extremely long battery life.
Their very long range provides large areas with superior coverage, coverage which can be increased to almost any extent by using digital repeaters, all while retaining consistently superb audio quality.

One way you can tell that these outstanding digital two-way radios were specially developed for tough outdoor use in the security sector is that their housing complies with IP57 specifications: DP3400-class radios are expected to survive immersion in water up to 1 metre deep for as long as 30 minutes.
The Motorola DP3400 is a hybrid two-way radio, capable of both analogue and digital transmission, so it can even be integrated into existing analogue radio systems (when Motorola CP040 radios are already in use, for instance).

Summary of DP3400 features of interest to security services:

  • precise, digital speech reproduction
  • extremely long battery life (e.g. 19 hours using a high-capacity IMPRES Li-ion battery, on a 5/5/90 duty cycle with battery-saver enabled)
  • 32 channels
  • long range, which can be extended even further using Motorola digital repeaters
  • GPS module for locating radios/team members (Motorola DP3401)

Motorola SL4000: More discreet
The Motorola SL4000 is the smallest and lightest of our digital two-way radios, which also makes it the most inconspicuous. With dimensions of just 121 x 55 x 17.4 mm and a weight of 153g (with a 1,400 mAh Li-ion battery), the SL4000 feels more like a modern smartphone than a high-end two-way radio. Thanks to its intelligent audio system, the SL4000 even beats the Motorola DP3400, providing superior digital-quality voice transmission. But the SL4000 goes even further, offering up to 1,000 channels, SMS capability and a GPS module...and no radio in our inventory is easier to carry.

The Motorola GP344 might represent an analogue alternative; while its daily rental rate is lower, it can't offer the Motorola SL4000's features:

  • Ultralight, small two-way radio
  • Bluetooth headsets enable more freedom of movement
  • Great range
  • Specially designed for use in the security sector

Motorola considers security services / airport security as major target markets for the SL4000

  • 1,000 channels
  • GPS module (Motorola SL4010)
  • THE two-way radio for discreet communication

To sum up, here are the two-way radios we recommend for use in the security sector. You can rent all of these devices at reasonable rates from us at Radio-Rental.com, of course:
- Motorola SL4000 (digital two-way radios)
- Motorola CP040 (analogue two-way radios)
- Motorola DP3400 (hybrid two-way radios analogue / digital)
- Motorola GP344 (as an economical analogue alternative to the Motorola SL4000)

Want to rent two-way radios?

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