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Radio-Rental.com – emission free delivery in Berlin

As of now, Radio-Rental.com in Berlin is also using bicycle couriers
for deliveries

Radio-Rental.com in Berlin – delivery by Fahrwerk

As of now, Radio-Rental.com is also offering our customers in Berlin and its surroundings (like Potsdam), emission free delivery by bicycle courier. To achieve this we have established cooperation with the Fahrwerk courier collective, expanding on our partnerships with TNT and Allkurier.

Fahrwerk delivers the Radio-Rental.com two-way radios in Berlin with their own in-house workbikes that are both functional and eye-catching. Besides the commitment to environmental protection and ecological sustainability that we have felt since setting up the company (see the navigation button environmental protection), the Fahrwerk collective's social dimension and its geographical proximity was important, as, like Radio-Rental.com, they are based in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

So: as of now Radio-Rental.com delivers orders using the bicycle courier collective Fahrwerk, protects the environment and looks forward to meeting some nice cyclists.

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