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Motorola GR400 Repeater

Expands coverage range like no other – maximum power: Motorola GR400 UHF Repeater

70,00 €
additionally tax & shipping /
Rate per day

If you may need greater coverage, the Motorola GR400 Repeater is the right choice. The Motorola GR4000 is ideally suited to provide large areas like trade fairs, big outdoor events, or heavily built-up places, with very good radio signals.

A Motorola GR400 system is equipped with 2 channels, one for reception and one for sent signals; so one system is required per radio channel.

Motorola GR400 UHF Repeater - the features:

  • Maximum 25 watt transmitting power
  • Compatible with all of our Motorola two-way radios (e.g. the Motorola GP340)
  • Increases the range by up to 8km, depending on the area
  • Several GR400s can be turned into a chain so that
    the radio signal gets transported further delivers every Motorola GR400 Repeater incl.:

  • High power UHF antenna
  • Case
  • Programming
  • Frequency application for the GR400 Motorola Repeater

    Please note that the Federal Network Agency's fees for the frequency for 30 days cost an additional 130.00€. These fees are added to the repeater rental on a one-off basis. Handing and application by us are included in the daily rental.

Naturally, our service team carries out maintenance on every GR400 system and tests that it is in perfect working order before each deployment. If desired, we can also gladly provide a local technician who will install the GR400 repeater system on location and instruct you in its use.

You would like to rent Motorola two-way radios and expand the coverage range to a maximum with one or more Motorola repeaters? Please enter the required number in the blank space – you can afterwards choose from our Motorola two-way radios, as well as booking batteries and Headsets. Or call us for free at +800 11 88 44 00 – we can be reached by E-mail at – we look forward to hearing from you and will gladly advise you.

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