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Motorola GP3688

Low energy consumption combined with great Motorola GP professional line performance: The Motorola GP3688

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Motorola GP3688

Rent the Motorola GP3688 -

The Motorola GP3688 is part of the Motorola professional line family; visually, though, it can be compared more with the CP140. It unites all the features of a professional Motorola two-way radio and combines them with Motorola's extended talk time. In this mode, the Motorola GP3688 can be used with one battery for between 14 and 18 hours, depending on the assignment, and battery and surrounding temperature – the Motorola GP3688 is therefore our "greenest" two-way radio, and we are very glad to have it on offer.

The application areas of the Motorola GP3688 are identical with those of the CP040 and GP340 and cover:

  • Event and film productions
  • Security services
  • Building communication

The GP3688's very robust technology is also recommended for use:

  • On building sites
  • Outdoors (e.g. protecting open-air events)

Motorola GP3688 - the features:

  • Optimised energy consumption – up to 18 hours battery life
  • Outstanding voice reproduction
  • 16 channels in the UHF range
  • Weight: approx. 379g incl. Li ion battery delivers the Motorola GP3688 incl.:

  • Pre-charged lithium ion battery
  • Programmed on the frequencies allotted to us by the Federal Network Agency
    (no PMR radio: the allotted frequencies are protected against interspersion and interception)
  • Belt clip, antenna and charging station (single or 6-fold charger)
  • Always freshly serviced, cleaned and disinfected.

The robust energy-saving Motorola GP3688 will perform perfectly on virtually any type of assignment, ensuring very high quality radio communication. We are glad to offer you the GP3688 incl. accessories (e.g. Headsets) and our favourable long-term discounts (from 4 days length of use). Just enquire by telephone (+800 11 88 44 00), or by E-Mail. If it is urgent please use our online quote tool by entering the required number of GP3688s in the blank space underneath this text.

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